Hopefuls Race Day 3/10 and Family Gathering

Hello Hopeful Families,

Hope you are all having a great week. We are expecting up to a foot of snow at Okemo between Wednesday and Thursday so we should have a great weekend of skiing coming up. We have a race Saturday morning, 3/10. We’ll meet at the Sugar House at 9 am, head over the Bull Run to inspect the course. The race will start at 10 am, once kids have taken both runs they are free to go to lunch. We’ll meet again at noon and ski until 2. Hope you can all come out to cheer the kids on.

This Saturday we’re going to combine the race awards with a Hopefuls family gathering sponsored by OMARA at Murdocks on the Green in Proctorsville. The family gathering will be from 3:30 – 5 with OMARA providing snacks and drinks and a cash bar for adult beverages. Murdocks is owned by our Hopeful Coach, ET (Etienne Ting). We’ll do the awards at 4 pm.

Our last race is on 3/24 and will take place on War Dance. The awards that day will be combined with the OMARA end of season barbecue and awards which will take place by the Yurt at the base of War Dance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Pam, Jim and the Hopefuls Coaches

OMST 3.2_3.4 and USASA Okemo slope and pipe events

OMST parents and athletes,

We have our final USASA events coming up from Friday-Sunday and all at Okemo. On Friday and Saturday, we have back to back slopestyle events and on Sunday there will be a doublepipe.  If your child is competing, please make sure to preregister for the events. Athletes should meet coaches in the upstairs of the Sitting Bull at 7:45am on each day. For slopestyle athletes, please make sure that boards are hot waxed with weather appropriate wax and for pipe athletes, an edge tune and hot wax as well. On Sunday, there will also be a USASA BBQ at the bottom of the pipe for ALL USASA members. This is a great time to grab some food, watch the pipe action and an opportunity to thank Paul Kelly and Ross Powers (directors) for their hard work and dedication to providing us a great series.
For the athletes who will not be competing, training will be as usual and from 8am-1:30pm.
Lastly, our last weekend of training will be March 17th-18th so our hope is that all our athletes take full advantage of the next three weeks at Okemo and push the envelope during training.

U12 and U10 Update 2/22-2/25

Hello U10 and U12 Families,

Warning – this email is chock full of info, so please read carefully!! 
Thursday 2/22: U12 and U10 train stubby SL
Friday 2/23: U12 and U10 train stubby SL 
Saturday 2/24: U10s race Stubby SL at Pico (details below); U12s train Stubby SL at home
Sunday 2/25: U10s train GS at home; U12s race Stubby SL at Suicide Six (details below).
Looking ahead:
For fear of info overload, I will get out a separate communication at the beginning of next week regarding the postseason events for the U12s that require “qualification” (refer to U12.10 101 attached again here for qualifying info) and other March open (no qualifying necessary) race opportunities for U12 and U10s mentioned below, but this is the basic schedule.  Please hold questions on post-season races until I send that info email.
Saturday 3/3: U12s train tall gate SL at home; U10 Festival at Quechee (details to come)
Sunday 3/4: U12s race dual tall gate SL at U12 Festival at Okemo (details to come); U10s train SL at home 
Saturday 3/10: Train home SL or Open U12 Bromley GS Race OR Open SL race for U10 and U12s at Suicide Six  
Sunday 3/11: Open U12 Magic GS Race or U10 and U12 Train GS at home
Saturday 3/17: Piche’s OR SVC Meisterschaft for qualifying U12s – Willard Stubby SL OR U12 and U10 “Devo” Olympics at home
Sunday 3/18: Piche’s OR SVC Meisterschaft for qualifying U12s – Magic Mountain Dual GS OU12 and U10 “Devo” Olympics at home
Saturday 3/24: The Great Parent-Athlete Race, the end of season awards, and an on-snow race demo!! Stay tuned for more details.
March 30- April 1: VT/NY SL Camp for qualifying U12s (second year only)
Details for U10 Stubby SL at Pico on Saturday 2/24:
You must register your child online by Friday 2/23 at 9 am.  Link here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/122253
Registration: 7:30 am in the upstairs of the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge, which is in between the Pico Ski Club and The Ski Shop/Main Lodge.  Have your athlete register themselves please!  Please remind athletes to put their bibs on immediately and do not lose them! We have to leave our bags and get ready downstairs in the Main Base Lodge (park on the right hand side of the main parking lot and go straight through the condos – base lodge is on the right), not in the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge.
Coaches will meet athletes at 8:25 am in front of ski club which is at the at the base of the B-slope lift/bottom of the race trail (go out of the base lodge and go left if you are facing the mountain) to go for inspection and free runs.  First run will start at 9:30 am.  Second run will begin shortly after the first, but will hold until athletes can return to the top for reverse bib order.  Then there will be a 3rd fun run where times will be announced but no official results published.  \ Awards will take place in front of the ski club, which is basically at the finish area about 20-30 minutes after the race.  Listen for announcements.  Awards will be given top ten for each gender for each athlete’s best single run of the first two runs, plus the top 3 athletes from the 3rd run (gender mixed) will get an award.
Please note: Parent lift tickets are available for $45 but only two per racer are allowed. They must be purchased at the main ticket office between the parking lot and the base lodge – NOT at registration. In the past they have only been sold until 9:00 AM and you had to know your child’s bib number – be prepared! As many of you know, the race can be viewed on foot without lift access.  If you are skiing, please help with bringing jackets down.
Driving directions to get to Pico: Head north on Rt. 100 – make a right to stay on Rt. 100 just before Jackson Gore. Turn left on Rt. 4 and go past the Bear Mtn. gondola for Killington and past the Killington access road. About 2 miles past that, you will see The Inn at Long Trail on your right – Pico will be on your left just down the hill. It takes about 35-45 minutes to get there. Beware of cops in Plymouth on Rt 100 when the speed limit drops!!
Details for the U12 Stubby SL on Sunday, 2/25 at Suicide Six:
You must register online by Saturday 2/24 at 4:30 pm.  Link here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/141060
Registration is in the Ski Runner’s Building (to the right of the lift) from 7:30 -8:30 am.  We must use the regular base lodge for getting ready and storing items. Please have your athlete register him or herself.   Parent tickets are available at the Main Lodge for $25, but you do not need to ski to view the whole race.  If you are skiing, please help carry jackets.  We could use a volunteer to video too!
Coaches will meet athletes at 8:10 am outside of the base lodge/at the base of the lift – it is a small place. The first run will start at 9:30 am.  The second run will be one hour after the completion of the first.  Remember that the course will be re-set for the U12s and we will do a second run inspection prior to the start of the second run.  Athletes should stay tuned to coaches instructions in case of changes in timing.  Second run is in reverse bib order within gender.  NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO CARRY SKIS UP THE LIFT.
Directions to Suicide Six: From Ludlow, head towards Jackson Gore, but just before it turn right onto RT 100 N. When you enter Plymouth, turn right onto Rt. 100A. When this dead ends at RT 4, take a right. Watch for cops when the speed limit drops in Bridgewater! Continue until you enter Woodstock. Just past the green, take a left onto RT 12. You will go over a little bridge and then bear right. After a mile or so, you will come to a fork in the road. Go right at the fork. (there are signs for Suicide Six at this point) Go another few miles and you will come to Suicide Six on the left hand side. OBEY SPEED LIMITS EVERYWHERE – the cops are bad along this whole route, esp. in and around Woodstock.  It takes about 45 -50 minutes to get to Suicide Six.
That’s all for now…

OMST President’s Week

OMST parents and athletes,

It’s hard to believe that President’s week is upon us and will mark only one month left of the OMST training season. The week should be a great opportunity for athletes to get in a ton of training and the slopestyle course, zone, and pipe is where our freestyle competition athletes will spend a lot of their time. Coaches Eddie and Garrison will also be working on some BX and racing with our racing contingent throughout the week. We hope to see you all here next week and our schedule will be as follows:
President’s Week Schedule
2/17-2/20: Training
2/22-2/25: Training
2/25: USASA Slopestyle #3 at Stratton
On 2/25, the Southern Vermont Series will hold its third USASA slopestyle event at Stratton Mountain. Please make sure you pre-register your child on the USASA website to ensure their spot in the event. Athletes should meet coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:30am and boards should have a weather appropriate hot wax.

OMST 2/10-2/11 and USASA GS/SL and Halfpipe x2

The conditions are pretty epic up here and with another 12-14″ forecasted overnight, the riding will be amazing this weekend. There will also be 3 USASA events this weekend including the rescheduled GS/SL at Bromley on Saturday, and the first set of Okemo pipe events on Sunday.  If your child will be competing in any of these events, please make sure to pre-register online via the USASA website.
GS/SL Bromley
For the racers, please make sure to meet your coaches in the Bromley Base Lodge at 7:45am on Saturday. This will be the last race events of the series and please make sure to have your board tuned with an edge sharpening and weather appropriate hot wax.
Okemo double pipe
On Sunday 2/11, Okemo will host the first set of USASA pipe events. Please plan on meeting coaches in the upstairs of the Okemo Base Lodge at 7:45am. A edge and a hot wax is also highly recommended.
For the athletes who will not be competing this weekend, training will be as normal and from 8am-1:30pm.

U12 and U10 Weekend of 2/10 and 2/11

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
Great weekend of SL last weekend!  Hope everyone had fun at the camp and/or race at Quechee!  We had some great results!!  Congrats to the following U12s for bringing home a medal:
Girls: Abby Kelleher 1st, Bridget Waters 5th, Samantha Mecane 7th, Ella Breitenbach 10th (note that the 4th place finisher according to the reults Clare Willard was from out of Council, so per MVC rules she got a duplicate award and awards were given as if she wasn’t there….hence going to 11th place for the 10th place medal)
Boys: Tad D’Andrea 4th, Logan Marra 6th, Carter Robinson 8th
We have a busy weekend coming up, so please read carefully!
Saturday 2/10: U10s Skills Day and Dual Panel SL at Pico (see details below); U12s train GS at home
Sunday 2/11: 2006 YOB U12s at the U12 SG Camp (see details below); 2007 YOB U12s and U10s train Stubby SL at home
If you have signed your athlete up for OMS Valentine Camp, you will get lots of details on that by the end of the week.  The camp is now FULL.
Looking ahead: 
Saturday 2/17: U12s train Full Gate and Stubby SL; U10s train Stubby SL
Sunday 2/18: U12s train Full Gate and Stubby SL; U10s train Stubby SL
President’s week: We are planning to train Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but this may change if weather is an issue. Training details to come next week.
Saturday 2/17 is the 8th Annual Okemo Mountain School Winter Festival!  A great chance to meet other parents in the program and support OMS!  I hope you all received my initial invite – would love to see you all there!  Learn more about the event and buy tickets HERE.  Also please consider supporting our accompanying Winter Festival Fundraising Campaign!
U10 Skills and Dual Panel SL at Pico on Saturday:
Be sure to pre-register and pay for your child at this link by Friday at noon! https://adminskiracing.com/node/122250
Registration is 7:30 am in the upstairs of the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge, which is in between the Pico Ski Club and The Ski Shop/Main Lodge.  Have your athlete register themselves please!  Athletes pick up bibs and lift ticket at registration.  Please remind athletes to put their bibs on immediately and do not lose them!  We leave our bags and get ready downstairs in the Main Base Lodge (park on the right hand side of the main parking lot and go straight through the condos – base lodge is on the right), not in the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge.
We will have an athlete meeting at 8:45 am in front of ski club which is at the at the base of the B-slope lift/bottom of the race trail (go out of the base lodge and go left if you are facing the mountain) and then athletes will go with their assigned groups for the Skills portion of the day.  Skills will go from 9-10:30 am, break from 10:30-11:15 and athletes will meet their groups again at 11:20 pm in front of the ski club. The Dual SL will start at 12:15 pm and athletes will run once on each course.   Awards about 30 minutes after the completion of the dual.  The awards are only for the dual and are based on the best team (team being the group that the athletes trained with in the morning).  The skills portion is not scored.
U12 Second Year Super G Camp at Okemo on Sunday:
Be sure to pre-register and pay for your child at this link by Thursday at 11:59 pm! https://adminskiracing.com/node/121493

Athletes should wear their GS suits like a race day (but have warm clothing over it – pants and jacket!) and be on their GS skis for this event.  Registration is from 7:30-8:30 am in the upstairs of the Okemo Competition Center.   Athletes will get their bibs (they have bibs even though it isn’t a race) and then meet in the basement of the Summit Lodge for the camp meeting at 9 am sharp – be early. They will be with the camp all morning, have lunch from about 11:45-12:30 (they should plan to eat in the Summit Lodge because we will meet back there at 12:30 pm for the afternoon) and then be back with the camp until 3 pm.  Much easier logistically than a typical race day.

That’s all for now!

Jeffrey J Mallia – Sad News – Calling Hours and Services

It is with a heavy heart that we report the loss of dear friend, coach, former OMARA Board Member, and long time Okemo community member Jeff Mallia. Jeff coached hundreds of Okemo athletes to great success for 17 years. He touched the lives of so many and will be dearly missed by all!

Calling hours will be on Wednesday 1/31 from 5-7 pm at the Jones Funeral Home in Schenectady, NY and a Celebration of Life will be held on Thursday 2/1 from 3-6 pm at the Edison Gold Club in Rexford, NY

OMST 1/27-1/28 and Mount Snow Slopestyle

OMST parents and athletes,

This weekend we will have our first USASA slopestyle events at Mount Snow on Saturday 1/27 and Sunday 1/28. If you have not signed your child up for the weekend events, registration is full. Athletes who will be competing will need to meet coaches at registration in the Carinthia Base Lodge at 7:30am. Mount Snow is an hour and ten minutes from Ludlow. Also, please make sure that your child’s board has a weather appropriate hot wax. These are long days so if you could also make sure that your child is equipped with snacks and water that would be great.
Friday Training at Mount Snow: OMS will also be training at Mount Snow on Friday from 9am-1:30pm and if you would like for your child to train with OMS, please let me know asap. Mount Snow does not offer training tickets so please make sure to purchase your child’s ticket for Friday training online as it is the cheapest way to go.
For athletes who will not be competing this weekend, training will be as normal and from 8am-1:30pm on both days. If anyone has any questions on anything, please let me know.

Hopefuls Race Day 1/20

The weather looks great for this weekend! Our first race is Saturday. We’ll meet in front of the Sugarhouse at 9 am. Kids and coaches will proceed to the NASTAR arena for course inspection. The race will start at 10 am. Format is a dual course and the kids will take a run in each course. Results will be based on combined time.

Please come out and cheer on the kids, we always have a great turnout for our races. Once the kids are done with both runs they are free to go to lunch. You can pick them up at the bottom of the race course.

We’ll meet at noon at the Sugar House for our afternoon session, returning there at 2 for results and awards.

Also, the Blount girls are hosting a skiathon this weekend benefiting cancer research. If you’d like to join the team and ski runs for research or donate to this great cause here is the link to do so. There is an apres ski party with prizes and fun times at Willie Dunns from 4-6 pm. Hope you can join in on this worthy fundraiser.


See you on Saturday!

Pam, Jim and the Hopeful coaches

U12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/20-1/21

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Hope all is well!   We had a fun day yesterday at Pico with the U12s for the Skills and Dual Panel SL. Congrats to Maisie Kostuchenko (3rd), Riley Keane (5th) for bringing home Skills medals for girls!  Bridget Waters, Samantha Mecane and Abby Kelleher were just outside the medals in the top 15.  Congrats to Graham Stein, Keiran Shea, and Henry Roe for making the top 15 as well in the Skills.  Though the dual was awarded as a team event, we had some standouts: Tad D’Andrea posted the fastest time of the day and Abby Kelleher, Maisie Kostuchenko, and Bridget Waters would have been top 5 if there were individual awards.  Results are posted here: http://www.vara.org/results/u12-mvc-skills-dual/1235/.  Please note that the dual results are posted as regular results, not in the team fashion that awards were given.  Also ties in the skills were not necessarily broken beyond top 10.
Request for parent volunteers:
1) We are looking for 1-2 parents per U12 race to video the race, both runs all Okemo athletes.  Please contact Mike Cronin mcronin@okemomountainschool.org if you are willing.  No experience needed.
2) Please get involved with bringing down jackets/pants at races.  We coaches are there to coach your athletes and our time is not best spent shuttling clothes.  It is, however, important that they get their clothes for warmth.  If you are willing to help, just plan to ski at races and show up at the start offering to help.
Plan for the weekend:
Saturday 1/20: U12s race GS at Killington (details below); U10s train GS at home
Sunday 1/21: U10s race GS at Killington (details below); U12s train stubby AND FULL GATE SL at home (SL armor needed)
***If you (parents) are looking for a fun night out on Saturday 1/20 check out Cocktails for Scholarships featuring the Myra Flynn Band to benefit the OMS Scholarship Fund.  Tickets can be purchased at the previous link.  If you need a babysitter check out the attachment!***
Looking ahead:
Saturday 1/27: U12s train GS at home; U10s train SL at home
Sunday 1/28: U12s race GS at Pico (all details to come next week); U10s train stubby SL at home
Killington Race Details – applies to both U10 and U12 race:
Once again, you MUST pre-pay for the race at adminskiracing.com.  Please do this by Friday 1/19 at 5 pm, but please do so ASAP!
Saturday’s U12 race is here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/123827
Sunday’s U10 race is here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/123831
Registration will begin at 7:30 AM and end at 8:30 am.  Registration will be in the Killington Ski Club Building which is just up the hill to the right from the K1 Lodge, which is the lodge that is at the very end of the access road by the K1 gondola.  When you are looking at the ski club, instead of going in the front door, walk around to the right in the back of the building and head up the stairs and in the back door. Then go down stairs to the Johnny O Multi-Purpose room.  Bibs and lift tickets will be handed out at registration – remind your athlete to put the bib on right away and not to remove it. Killington requests (and so do I) that you have your athlete go to the registration table on their own – it’s a great way to get our athletes more involved in the process of race day!  I recommend getting there early! Killington is a busier place than everywhere else we go!    Note that you MUST keep your stuff in the K1 Lodge – not in the Ski Club.
Parent tickets are available for $60 at Registration only – cash or check to KMS only.  They are for parents only and only 2 per family.  They will stop selling them at the end of registration. There were issues in past years surrounding parent tickets – if you happen to hold a pass that is good at a sister mountain of Killington‘s, which would entitle you to a day ticket you must go to K1 GUEST Services to redeem this ticket.  They will not give you a free parent ticket at registration – KSC/KMS actually has to purchase these from the mountain and it isn’t their place to give them out for free.  You cannot see the race on foot without going for a decent length hike.
The coaches will meet the kids outside of the K1 base lodge at 8:00 AM to head to the course for inspection and a free run.  Please be sure that they are on time – the race trail is not right outside of the lodge so it is imperative they are on time to go for inspection. The race will be on Bunny Buster, which is most directly accessed by the Snowdon Quad or Snowdon Triple lift (whichever is running – quad at 8 am and triple at 9 am) which you will get to by going under the K1 gondola and continuing straight until you come to either one (the triple is first and the quad a bit further). Once over there, the best way to lap on the course will be to ride the t-bar.
The race is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am.
For U12s: Athletes should listen to their coaches for directions on where to be when for second run inspection and start time. Second run will be in reverse bib order within gender.  So last girl to go first run goes first in second run. Same with the boys.  Awards are based on best combined time.  Medals for the top ten in each gender.
For U10s: The second run will begin shortly after the conclusion of the second run.  Second run will be in reverse bib order within gender.  So last girl to go first run goes first in second run. Same with the boys.  Awards are based on best single run of the first two runs.  Medals for the top ten in each gender.  The U10s will also take a 3rd run which will be gender mixed and “for fun.” Times will be announced, but not published as formal results, and the top 3 regardless of gender will get a small prize.
For both U10 and U12s awards will be 45 minutes after the completion of the race outside of the Killington Ski Club.  Encourage your children to go skiing after their second run – freeskiing on new and varied terrain is a great way to improve racing skills!!
Directions to Killington:
From Ludlow, take a right onto Rt 100 North by Harry’s. Follow this until it intersects with Rt. 4 (watch out for cops in Plymouth when the speed limit drops!). Take a left onto Rt. 4. Go past the gondola on the side of the road and keep going until you go up a big hill. The access road will be on your left. Turn left onto access road and follow it all the way to the top to the K1 Lodge.  It takes about 35-40 minutes to get there.
I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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