OMST 1/20-1/21 and USASA Stratton BX

OMST parents and athletes,

Due to the rain followed by another arctic blast, MLK weekend had it’s challenges with conditions BUT we are receiving a bit of snow today into tonight (calling for 3-5″) and the mountain is working hard on getting the slopes back in shape quickly. Conditions should be great for the weekend!
Our boardercross athletes will have their first USASA BX competitions this weekend at Stratton on Saturday, 1/20 and Sunday, 1/21. If your child is competing, please make sure you pre-register your child for both events asap via Athletes should plan on meeting coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:30am. Stratton is about a 40 minute drive from Okemo and give yourself another 5-10 minutes for parking. Also, please make sure that your child’s board receives an edge sharpen and weather appropriate hot wax prior to the events. The Totem Pole in Ludlow offers excellent tuning services.
Friday BX training with OMS will also an option for our weekend athletes at Stratton. This is a great opportunity for your child to receive some extra training prior to the event. If the course is open (I will know on Thurs) training will be at Stratton, if not training will be at Okemo. Training will be from 8:30am-12pm and I will let you know the training plan on Thursday evening. Training is $75 through the Competition Center.
For OMST athletes who will not be competing, training will be as usual at Okemo from 8am-1:30pm. A heavy dose of park and pipe training will be our focus for the weekend.

U12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/13-1/15

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
I hope this email finds you well!  Busy weekend ahead, so please read carefully.  Also be on the lookout for some more info from me later in the week regarding some special camp opportunities, including the OMS Valentine Victory Camp taking place Feb 12-16.
Training plan this weekend:
Saturday 1/13U12 and U10s train GS
Sunday 1/14: U12 and U10s train Skills and Dual Panel SL
Monday 1/15: U10s are OFF, U12s @ Pico for Skills/Dual Panel SL (NO ARMOR needed + more details below)
Looking ahead:
Saturday 1/20: U12s race GS at Killington; U10s train GS at Home
Sunday 1/21: U12s train stubby and tall gate SL at home (armor – chin, shin, pole guards – should be worn); U10s race GS at Killington
Details for Pico and the U12 Skills Day/Team Dual Panel SL:
You must pre-register your U12 athlete online at if you want them to participate.  Entry fee is $30 (plus processing fees), which is paid online includes your athlete’s lift ticket. Link Here:
Day of Race Registration: 7:30-8:30 am in the upstairs of the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge, which is in between the Pico Ski Club and The Ski Shop/Main Lodge (same as last year).  Have your athlete register themselves please!  They will get their bib and lift ticket at registration.  Please remind athletes to put their bibs on immediately and do not lose them!  We still have to leave our bags and get ready downstairs in the Main Base Lodge (park on the right hand side of the main parking lot and go straight through the condos – base lodge is on the right), not in the Andrea Mead Lawrence Lodge.
We will have an athlete meeting at 8:45 am in front of ski club which is at the at the base of the B-slope lift/bottom of the race trail (go out of the base lodge and go left if you are facing the mountain) and then athletes will go with their assigned groups for the Skills portion of the day.
The U12s will be contesting both the “outside ski turns” and “pole jumpers” skills, for which they will receive scores.  They will do the other two skills as training stations, but will only receive scores on the aforementioned.  There will be medals to the top ten boys and girls based on their cumulative score.
Here are links again for your athlete to check out videos of each skill.  They have already trained these skillsand will again Sunday, but a visual is helpful:
They will be racing Dual Panel SL in the afternoon in mixed mountain teams (same groups that they rotate to skills stations with).  Awards will be to the top 3 teams.  They will be co-ed teams.  The first run will run in bib order with all girls on one course and all boys on the other.  The second will run in reverse order with boys and girls switching courses.
The plan is to have the Skills portion run from 9 – 11 am, then lunch.  Athletes meet their group leader coaches at 12:15 for inspection of the Dual Panel SL, which begins at 1 pm.  Subject to change, of course, and athletes should listen to their group leaders for any changes.
Awards will take place in front of the ski club, which is basically at the finish area about 20-30 minutes after the race.  Listen for announcements.
Please note: Parent lift tickets are available for $45 but only two per racer are allowed. They must be purchased at the main ticket office between the parking lot and the base lodge – NOT at registration. In the past they have only been sold until 9:00 AM and you had to know your child’s bib number – be prepared! As many of you know, the race can be viewed on foot without lift access.
Driving directions to get to Pico: Head north on Rt. 100 – make a right to stay on Rt. 100 just before Jackson Gore. Turn left on Rt. 4 and go past the Bear Mtn. gondola for Killington and past the Killington access road. About 2 miles past that, you will see The Inn at Long Trail on your right – Pico will be on your left just down the hill. It takes about 35-45 minutes to get there. Beware of cops in Plymouth on Rt 100 when the speed limit drops!!
Remember that most everyone you will come into contact on a race day is a volunteer and they are volunteering their time so that your child can have a fantastic race day.  Please treat them with respect – if you have an issue with a race volunteer being disrespectful to you or your child, let Mike or me know so that we can handle it through the proper channels.
That is all for now.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

U12 and U10 Weekend of 1/6 and 1/7 Take 3

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Sorry to do this, but there is going to be another alteration in the schedule this weekend.  Those of you who know me well know how much I hate to deviate from a plan, but this weather is unrelenting, and I have to be reasonable!
Plan still stands for tomorrow Saturday 1/6:
The U12‘s dryland session will be from 11:30 am -12:30 pm
The U10‘s dryland session will be from 12:30 – 1:30 pm
At the OMS gym – if you haven’t yet RSVPed for your child, please do so we can plan accordingly.
Unfortunately, the arctic air that has settled on us plans to hang around well into Sunday morning.  The hourly forecast for the town of Ludlow (never mind on the mtn) show air temps of -11 at 9 am on Sunday. We won’t even talk about wind chill.  Luckily the temps will sharply rise from there, hitting a balmy 2 by noon :)!!!  Therefore, we will have an altered time schedule and meeting place as follows:
On Sunday 1/7 athletes should meet coaches at the yurt at the bottom of Wardance at 11 am on GS skis.  We will train on Wardance from 11 am – 1 pm and then go as groups for a break in the Sugar House and/or Summit Lodge to warm up and have a snack (about 30 min only).  Then we will freeski for the rest of the afternoon until 3 pm.  You should plan on your child being with coaches from 11 am – 3 pm and not meeting them for the break like you normally might.
Let me know if you have any questions, and, again, apologies for all of the changes.

Hopefuls 1/6 and 1/7

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! The weather forecast for Saturday is sub zero temps and lots of wind. Believe it or not, even colder than last week. In the interest of safety for our athletes and coaches we are canceling the race and training for Saturday, 1/6.

We will have training for all Hopefuls on Sunday, 1/7, from 8:30-12:30. This is the usual Sunday program but it will be open this weekend to all Hopefuls. We’ll probably take a couple short breaks in the session so please send the kids with some hot chocolate money and warm clothes.

Don’t forget Mario the Magician on Saturday night, tickets are still available.

Upcoming races are scheduled for 1/20, 2/10, 2/20 (tentative), 3/10, and 3/24.

Thanks for your patience in this crazy weather!

Pam, Jim and the Hopeful Coaches

u12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/6 and 1/7 + Skills Info

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
Happy New Year!  Hope 2018 is treating you all well!
First piece of business – Sunday’s U12 Skills Day and Dual Race at Pico has been postponed due to some snowmaking issues from the extreme cold that have impacted their ability to open their race trail.  I will let you know ASAP once I know a reschedule date!
Training info for this weekend (should we decide to alter training at all due to weather, I will let you know):
Saturday 1/6: Both U10 and U12s will be on SL skis for skills training, dual panel SL, and stubby SL work.  Athletes can wear shin guards if they have them (not necessary if they don’t).
Sunday 1/7: Both U10 and U12s will be on GS skis for some drill course work and GS training courses.
Looking ahead: The plan is for GS both days next weekend for both U10 and U12s but this could change depending on reschedule date for the U12 skills day.
MARIO THE MAGICIAN: This Saturday 1/6 is the Mario the Magician show hosted by OMARA!!  Don’t miss your chance to see this great show.  It is geared towards children, but parents will enjoy as well!  Click HERE to get your tickets!
Skills Quest:
Below are links to information (including video) of each of the four Phase 2 skills that are the focus of U12 training when we are training “Skills”.  U10s will be doing Phase 1 skills at their skills day, but in training will be challenged by the skills below as well.  I have also included the Phase 1 skills below.  Please take a look at these links, but more importantly show your athletes the video.  Many have seen these already with coaches, but more reinforcement at home (or on the car ride up :)!) is great too!  Click on the skill titles for the links!
Phase 2:

Outside Ski Turns

Pole Jumpers

Phase 1:
Race Registration Info: As I have mentioned a few times before, new this year all registration is done through Log in (or create a log-in if you don’t already have one – I think this is the same as you use to pay for VARA) and then filter races by VARA to see all races in Vermont (  Use the schedule in the U12.10 101 document to find the races for which you need to register your child.  Each week we have a race I will send reminders, but if you want to get going with registering, go ahead.
Just a reminder, you can find this and every email I send on the OMARA blog –  U12/10 announcements are at this link specifically: Also check out the U12/10 FAQs: Also you can access the U10 and U12 training and racing schedule (with very basic info) here:
And please refer to U12.10 101 2017.18 Edition for race schedule and other info!

OMST 1.6_1.7 and USASA Killington and Bromley GS and Slalom info

OMST Parents and Athletes,

This weekend we have our USASA Southern Vermont Series racing events at Killington (GS/SL) and Bromley  (GSx2, SLx2) on Saturday and Sunday.  For those of you who will be competing, please make sure to meet your coaches at registration at 7:30am both days. Registration and bib pickup at Killington on 1/6 will be in the Johnny O. Room in the Killington Ski Club located next to the K-1 Lodge. The Ski Club is for registration only and parents and athletes should use the K-1 Lodge as their home base. Sunday, 1/7 race registration at Bromley will be in the upstairs of the Bromley Base Lodge.
Please make sure that your child’s board is tuned with an edge sharpen and weather appropriate hot iron wax. The Totem Pole in Ludlow offers excellent tuning services. The temps look to be pretty cold again this weekend so please make sure your child is layered up for the weekend of racing.

There will also be am race training on Friday at Okemo with OMS for any weekend athletes that would like extra training. Athletes should meet OMS coaches in front of the Sitting Bull at 8:30am on Friday and training will conclude at 11:30am. Lastly, please make sure that your child is a member of USASA and preregistered for this weekends events. To do so, follow the link:

OMST athletes who will not be racing will follow our regular weekend program schedule with training from 8am-1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Hopefuls Training CANCELED 12/23

Due to the weather forecast for Saturday, 12/23, there will be no Hopefuls training. See you all on Tuesday, 12/26!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


U12 and U10 Training Cancelled 12/23

Due to the heavy snowfall on Friday (as much as 10″ predicted for the mountain – yay!!) and wintry mix/freezing “r-word” on Saturday (boo!), all Okemo Competition Center Programs are being cancelled for 12/23.  The rest of the schedule I sent will remain in effect for 12/26-12/31.  The good news is that once all that snow and moisture mix and get groomed out, we will have a fantastic base!!
Happy Holidays to you all!

U12 and U10 Update 12/23-12/31

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Hopefully everyone was able to get out and enjoy the AMAZING skiing this past weekend!!  Please read on for important information regarding training this weekend and during the holiday week.  Please also read the attachment if you haven’t done so yet, which includes the U12 and U10‘s race schedules, as well as important info on daily schedule and more.
And I can’t remind you enough – make sure your child is current with VARA and USSA (see below for more info)!!  Even if you are returning and think you did it over the summer, please double check!!  I am seeing many still not registered.  Please don’t make me chase you down personally :)!
Training will be according to our normal daily schedule each day with our normal meeting place unless otherwise noted.  Please remember if you child cannot attend all days, that is OK:
Friday 12/22: This day is part of the 3-day program. Email me by end of day Tuesday to sign up if you child wants to train this day.  Must email me to participate and pay drop-in fee to Kim in the Comp Center. Training times and info will be sent separately.

Saturday 12/23: GS skis freeskiing and drills CONDENSED SCHEDULE 8:30 am – 12 pm – we will stop for a mid-morning snack and break in our groups.
12/24 & 12/25: No training
Tuesday 12/26GS skis freeskiing and drills – advancing the focus to turn initiation for those groups that are doing well with stance and balance.  Drill course gate training for those athletes who are fundamentally ready for it and/or racing in the End of the Year Open.
Wednesday 12/27GS skis freeskiing and drills – stance, balance, and turn initiation. Drill course gate training for those athletes who are fundamentally ready for it and/or racing in the End of the Year Open.
Thursday 12/28: GS skis freeskiing and drills – stance, balance, and turn initiation.
Friday 12/29GS skis.  Full gate training for those athletes who are fundamentally ready for it and/or racing in the End of the Year Open.
Saturday 12/30: End of the Year Open – details to come next week for those who are racing (See below on how to register!!).  SL skis for those not racing. Skills Quest focused training.
Sunday 12/31SL skis (no armor) – freeskiing, drills, and Skills Quest/Dual Panel SL training.
Monday 1/1: No Training
A few reminders and important info:
1) Please read the “U12 and U10 101″ attachment for LOTS of information including training and race schedules – this is helpful for new and returning families.  It includes information about the program, some of which has been updated for this year, as well as race schedule info.  So even if you are an old pro, PLEASE read :)! If you have any questions after reading, don’t hesitate to be in touch.
2) You can find this and every email I send on the OMARA blog –  U12/10 announcements are at this link specifically: Also check out the U12/10 FAQs: Also you can access the U10 and U12 training and racing schedule (with very basic info) here:
3) USSA and VARA memberships:  In order to race, every U12/10 must be a current USSA and VARA member.  If you have not registered your child for these memberships, please do so ASAP.   If you think you have done both PLEASE double check!!  Every year I have to chase families down to get this done – let’s break that streak!!   Both can be done online at and, respectively.  More info on these memberships is found in the attachment.  IMPORTANT: For USSA choose, Competitor U12 or Competitor U10 (depending on your child’s age group), NOT General Member – this is not valid for competition.
4) End of the Year Open: There is an open GS race for U14 and U12s at Okemo on December 30th. You must enter your child yourself unlike the rest of the normal season races. Registration is NOW OPEN here:  This race fills fast – sign up NOW!   Your child must be current with USSA and VARA to enter. Please be aware that if your child is still a U10 (7, 8, or 9 years old by Dec 31) they are not eligible. I also ask that you do not register your child if they are new to U12s (as in just moving up from Hopefuls or joining the program) – this race will be very intimidating for them and not a good intro to the year!  Racers who aren’t current with VARA will be kicked out of the race at the deadline – so get current!  This race fills up fast, but there is plenty of room for now.  PLEASE NOTE: As Okemo athletes, your children are entitled to a discount though you must initially pay the full price.  In order to get the discount, you will need to let Kim know on the day of the race at registration when your child picks up their bib.  She will then credit your payment method via adminskiracing.  
5) Registering for regular season races:  I will remind everyone of the specific races to sign your child up for each week as we go along this season.  Although you have to register online yourself unlike in the past, there is no rush to get it done now.  I will send the specific links you need the week before each race.
Let me know if you have any questions!


Hopefuls 12/16-12/17

Hope everyone is having a great week. It’s a winter wonderland here in VT now, we got over a foot of snow yesterday and the skiing is fantastic. We’re looking forward to skiing with the Hopefuls this weekend.

Our plan, as usual, is to meet at the Sugar House at 9 am ski with our teams until 11 am, returning to the Sugar House. We’ll re-group at noon and ski until 2 pm, again returning to the Sugar House.

It looks to be a cold weekend so please have your children dress warmly in layers. We try to stay out for the 2 hour session, but will go in if kids are cold. It might be a good idea for your child to have some money for a hot chocolate if we go in.

Our upcoming training schedule is as follows:

12/16, 12/17 (Sunday program), 12/23, 12/26, 12/28, 12/30, 12/31 (Sunday program). The first race is 1/6/18.

We’re looking forward to a great season skiing with your children. As always, if you have questions please email Pam or Jim at [email protected] or [email protected]





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