Okemo Race Program

The Okemo Competition Center offers season long snow sports programs to help your child achieve their full potential on the mountain. Athletes spend their days in small groups with professionally trained staff learning the skills necessary to compete in their chosen discipline, either during the current season or in the future. OMARA supports the race program in several ways including sponsoring athlete events, on mountain community events, race day support and logistics, funding for coaches education, certifications, and equipment (cameras for coaches, race day monitors in the sugar house). OMARA also partners with Okemo to organize and run fun events on mountain like Scavenger hunts and comedy nights,

Okemo Comp Website:Click here to see the various programs offered at Okemo

Okemo Mountain School (OMS) is a winter term ski and snowboard academy. OMS is dedicated to delivering a rigorous academic curriculum while providing an intense on-snow training schedule that would not be possible within a traditional school setting. OMARA partners with OMS to support coach education and certification, provide equipment to coaches to be used in training, and partners to provide support to the Okemo area in times of need (2023 Flooding). OMARA also provides race day logistics support for races through volunteers and some of small things that make a big difference, like coach lunches on race days and pizza and snacks for athletes awards celebrations.

OMS Website: www.okemomountainschool.org

Please check the OMS event page for more details on events and activities organized by OMS

Head Coach Emails:

Alpine Director, Chris Hurka – churka(at)okemomountainschool.org

U10 Head Coach, Mariel Meringolo – mmeringolo(at)okemomountainschool.org

U12 Head Coach, Mike Cronin- mcronin(at)okemomountainschool.org

U14 Head Coach, Jet Robbins – jrobbins(at)okemomountainschool.org

U16 Head Coach, Bobby Jones – bjones(at)okemomountainschool.org

U18/FIS Head Coach, Lon Brettell – lbrettell(at)okemomountainschool.org 

Snowboard Head Coach, Luke Bonang – lbonang(at)okemomountainschool.org

Freeski Head Coach, Billy Potter – bpotter(at)okemomountainschool.org