Devos Training Update – 2/3

Well, a few lift closures, and other transportation issues (e.g. finding alternative means of commuting from Jackson Gore to the main base at 8:00 am) made for a challenged morning.  While I receive frequent mountain updates, thanks to those of you who reached out to me with ‘on-the-ground’ details. 

Ultimately, each of our coaches reported having solid day. 

* And If That Didn’t Make You Edgy … 

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve placed a focus on edging – one of the core fundamentals of our Devo curriculum. Proper edging establishes a strong base for carving cleaner, faster and more dynamic turns.  That platform or base is critical for generating powerful movements — both for free skiing and racing.  Meanwhile, sliding skis (because of poor mechanics and/or equipment that is not properly sharpened/tuned) leave skiers tentative and unable to counter centrifugal (and centripetal) forces generated during turns. 

As coaches, we look for our Devos to engage their edges early, with matched positioning, and to maintain that hold through the mid-section and turn completion. I will often ask athletes to use their skis to draw S’s and C’s … not Z’s (indicators of flat skis and skids).   (Look back at those squigglies I drew in prior emails.)

For our more advanced skiers, we address inside vs. outside ski activation, inclination vs. angulation, nuanced timing of tip vs. tail engagement, movement of the center of mass, and other concepts. 

Oh, and as proper edging is achieved, that amazing phenomena of upper body/lower body separation follows.

For those interested in learning more, here is one piece that might be of interest …

Skiing Technique – Lateral Balance & Edging

And for likely majority (non-nerdy group) …. 

* Enough With Physics
(At least till next lesson. 😀)

Despite a rare occasion of an empty candy mailbox, our Devos offered-up signs of approval. 

Garrett’s Gang making a rest stop. 

*  Be Our Valentine  ♥️  

Many thanks to those of who offered up support for our Devos Valentine’s on Saturday, 2/10.  We’re moving forward with a plan to show our gratitude to individuals in mountain operations.  Emma’s mom, Stephanie Berdik has offered up an excellent idea, and I have reached out to members of Okemo’s leadership team to address a few logistical questions. We will have final details in short order.

* Weekly Attendance – Response Requested

Thanks to those of you who are diligently completing the brief Weekly Attendance Form … the info is important for planning purposes.  Please complete this week’s survey (for Saturdays, 2/3/24 and 2/10/24) via the link shown below.  Please submit the info before Friday at 5 pm.   Once again, please include thoughts regarding 2/10.

On to the top of the A/B (meet at 8.20 am for 8.30 am liftoff) !  

I will be off-snow for one final week

Bill, ET, Nima, Brian, Goran, and Garrett   ❄️  


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