Okemo U14 Training and Race Plan 2/9-2/12

Hello Athletes and Parents,

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! We have had some of the best snow conditions and weather of the season the last few days. Unfortunately, it looks like a warm up is coming with some rain on Saturday. Seems to be the story of this Winter. Fingers crossed we will be able to get through the upcoming events

Friday 2/9 Burke Tri-Council GS Race

The race announcement is attached. We will meet at the T Bar at 7:50 for bibs and tickets. 8am load lifts for inspection, 9am start. 

Saturday 2/10 GS Training

Theme –  Outside ski to outside ski, active weight transfer with flexed ankle

11:00AM- Meet U14 coaches on the work road at the top of Wardance


-Run 1 Falling leaf on pitch, whirly birds on the flats 5 each direction, outside ski slide turns tip on the snow (GS radius turns), Dave’s spleen to lift 

-Run 2 Falling leaf on pitch (opposite side from R1), whirly birds on the flats 5 each direction, outside ski slide turns tip on the snow, Dave’s spleen to lift 

-Run 3 two ski traverse on pitch, downhill edge traverse on flats, free ski Dave’s Spleen to lift 

-Run 4 outside ski slide turn 

-Run 5 outside ski turns carving 

-Run 6 40 edge sets with pole plants each side, Free Ski rest of the trail

12:30-12:45PM- Water/snack break

12:45 – 3:30 PM-  Inspect and run Training environment


-Traverse- video only shows downhill, but we will also do both skis. (https://videos.usskiandsnowboard.org/alpineed/detail/video/5707084252001/downhill-ski-traverse?q=traverse)

-Falling leaf (https://videos.usskiandsnowboard.org/alpineed/detail/videos/pressure__/video/6067947144001/falling-leaf)

-Whirly Birds (https://videos.usskiandsnowboard.org/alpineed/detail/videos/pressure__/video/6068244685001/whirlybirds)

-Outside ski slide turns tip on the snow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3dpNEnglhM)

-Outside ski Turns (https://videos.usskiandsnowboard.org/alpineed/detail/video/5582483837001/phase-2-outside-ski-turns?page=1&q=outside%20ski)

Training Environments:

-Full length GS with transition box brushes

Sunday 2/11 Middlebury MVC GS Race

The race announcement is attached. 7:30am lodge opens, meet for bibs and tickets at 8:15am outside the lodge, load lifts at 8:30am, 8:40-9:15am inspection, 9:30am start. They do not allow athletes to carry a second pair of skis up the lift, you will have to ski up your race skis before race run. They also don’t want bags stored in the lodge, they can be left in vehicles or in designated bag storage areas outside.

Monday 2/12 Stratton SVC SG Race

The race announcement is attached. We will meet outside the lodge next to the American Express lift at 8:50 for bibs. It looks like athletes must purchase a 25$ plus tax ticket at the main ticket window starting at 7:30.   

8:40 Team Captains meeting and distribution of bibs, coach tickets and start lists
9:00 Load lifts: American Express Lift to Ursa Lift to race trail (Franks Fall Line)
9:15-10:00 Free ski/warm up
10:00-10:30 Inspection
10:45 Forerunners
10:50 Training run
12:00-12:30 Re-inspection
12:45 Forerunners
12:55 Race run

*Updated Results from Killington MVC SL Race (https://www.vara.org/results/vara-mvc-u14/2314/). There was an issue with the girls results affecting bibs 13, 14, 15, 16. It has been corrected and the results posted on VARA are now correct. 

Upcoming Events List:

-Friday 2/9 Tri-Council GS Race at Burke (https://adminskiracing.com/node/567086)

-Sunday 2/11 MVC GS Race at Middlebury Snowbowl (https://adminskiracing.com/node/537622)

-Monday 2/12 SVC SG Race at Stratton (https://adminskiracing.com/node/555948)

*Open to all MVC Racers

-Sunday 2/25 MVC SG Race Okemo (https://adminskiracing.com/node/578649)

*We will offer this to anyone that would like to attend.

-Friday 3/1 Vara State SG Race at Sugarbush (not yet posted)

*I will need a list of everyone attending, to be collected later.

-Friday 3/8 Vara State Men’s GS Race at Stratton (not yet posted)

-Saturday 3/9 Vara State Men and Womens SL Race at Stratton (not yet posted)

-Sunday 3/10 Vara State Women’s GS Race at Stratton (not yet posted)

-Friday 3/22-24 U14 Eastern Finals at Catamount (not yet posted)

We are starting a Whatsapp group for athletes and parents for all Okemo U14 athletes. This is where we will send updates on things like second run inspection and start times and anything else that pops up at the last minute or changes.

Click this link or scan the QR code to join. You will need to have Whatsapp downloaded on your phone.


Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy the rest of the week!

Charles(Jet) Robbins

Head U14 Coach, Summer Camps Coordinator

Okemo Mountain School