Flood Relief Update:

***OMARA has already donated $2500 to the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce for immediate needs.

***Going forward OMARA has decided to partner with Okemo Mountain School to raise funds for the relief of floods in Ludlow and the surrounding communities. We have already pledged another $2500 to the OMS fund. OMS is dedicating 100% of funds to organizations providing specific flood relief funding. To date, OMS has already raised $27,542 of its goal of $50,000. Together we hope to raise as much as we can to help our community.

***OMS has sent out the following email with information about the devastation as well as links to donate, forms to ask for help, and other ways to provide support. Flood Relief Updates:

Flooding that is said to happen once in a hundred years has now impacted our Ludlow community twice within 12 years. On July 10th, 2023 Ludlow, VT, and many surrounding Vermont towns were hit with catastrophic flooding, much of which was worse than the flooding during Irene in August 2011. 

The flood has brought a lot of devastation and destruction to the Okemo Valley. Many people are without homes or running water and businesses have taken astronomical losses.  As many say, Ludlow is a little town with a big heart, so let’s show our love to the community by supporting it in whatever way we can! 

Okemo Mountain School will direct 100% of donations made through this page to community organizations providing specific flood relief funding. Community organizations include the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce and Ludlow Rotary which are already working to provide support to those most in need. The Chamber of Commerce and Rotary will distribute the money to help with cleanup and replacement costs for those unable to afford it, give food and gas to those in need, and purchase gift certificates from local businesses to re-distribute back into the community. OMS will also support other organizations doing direct flood relief in Ludlow and the surrounding towns as they are identified.

Okemo Mountain School is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to check with your employer about corporate matching gifts.

Other Ways to Help:

  • If you prefer to make a donation via check, checks can be payable to Okemo Mountain School and mailed to; Okemo Mountain School – 53 Main St. Ludlow, VT 05149.
  • Donate water, Gatorade, non-perishable food items, diapers, baby formula, baby wipes, and cleaning supplies to the Ludlow Police Department.  William Raveis Vermont Properties will be accepting donations by mail and will bring them to the Police Department. Items can be dropped off or mailed to 29 Locust Hill Rd., Ludlow, VT 05149.
  • Purchase gift certificates from local businesses to keep income rolling in. Gift certificates can also be donated back to the Ludlow Police Department or other community organizations to donate to those in need.
  • We have started a FORM where those that are in need can let us know, as well as those that are able to volunteer! Our goal is to match those willing and able to volunteer with residents and businesses that need extra help! If you are local and able, seek volunteer opportunities to help residents or local businesses clean up. Please keep in mind that if you are not already in town, it is important not to inundate the community with extra people as resources are extremely scarce. If you do need to come to Ludlow, please bring anything and everything you need for the duration of your stay! Click HERE to fill out the Okemo Valley Needs & Volunteer form!   DONATE HERE!!