Join Us for the OMARA Annual Meeting 12/16 at the Roundhouse!

Join Us for the OMARA Annual Meeting 12/16 at the Roundhouse!
Welcome To The 2023/2024 Season!   The OMARA Board of Directors would like to welcome you to our annual meeting on December 16th at the Jackson Gore Roundhouse from 6:00-8:00. We will have appetizers and a cash bar. Come meet your fellow competition center families, coaches, and learn more about OMARA!
We will be saying goodbye to 3 outstanding OMARA board members, Charity Buchika, Jennifer Blount, and Deanna Mirabile. We thank them for their never-ending support of our athletes and families over the years!! We thank you for your service as your time on the board comes to an end.

The board will be sending proxies out to last season’s members via Docusign. Please be on the lookout for it. If you were a member as of January 31, 2023, and you do not receive a proxy please let us know at   The OMARA Board of Directors is asking members to approve via proxy the following:   -The board is recommending the addition of 5 directors to the existing board increasing the board from 11 to 13 members.    Please return your proxy prior to the annual meeting so the OMARA Board can move forward with our five new directors!  

Some of the benefits OMARA members receive :  
Boot Pro, Northern, and Totem Pole all provide up to 20% discount to OMARA members!
As you know, snow sports are expensive, and this discount more than offsets the cost of membership and supports our local ski shops.  

OMARA has a long history of supporting our athletes through the OMARA Scholarship Program! Every year OMARA, with generous support from the local community and Okemo Mountain, provides scholarships to help offset the costs of participating and competing in our competition programs helping to make our programs available to more athletes.  

OMARA pays for program enhancements that are not funded in the Comp Center & OMS budgets   Cameras – OMARA paid for the cameras installed on War Dance and the new cameras this season on the Pipe and Crazy Train and pays all yearly costs associated with the feeds, which can be viewed at  

OMS – OMARA supports OMS through donations, social media, emails and through head coaching requests  

Coaching – OMARA pays for Okemo Coaches’ certifications and education   

Community – OMARA plans to resume organizing happy hours and events for our families to get together during the season  

In the past, OMARA has paid for Timing Equipment, Yurt Enhancements, Coaching Video Equipment, a significant donation to build the OMS gym silo for the training trampoline, an airbag, and advocates for families and coaches every season.  

**** Unfortunately this year DarkSide is unable to provide a discount to OMARA members. Due to supply chain issues, they are having difficulty keeping up with demand. At this time they have discontinued the discount. During these difficult times let’s try and support all our snow sports shops.  

If you have any questions or would like to contact the Board please email us at   Please RSVP below!     THINK SNOW!!!!  
Nicole Peterson-President
George Poodiack-Vice President
David Dwyer-Treasurer
Deanna Mirabile-Secretary
Kevin Robinson
Lucky Kampf
Jim West
Brooke Caringi
Lisa Pensabene
Jennifer Blount
Charity Buchika
DATE AND TIME   — 12/16/23 6:00pm – 12/16/23 8:00pm US/Eastern  
Come out to meet and greet your fellow competition center families and coaches!! Complimentary appetizers and cash bar!   I’ll Be There!   Maybe   I Can’t Make It