HELLOOOO DEVOS !!! ❄️ 🎿 ⛷️ ❄️ 02/10 Training

Greetings Devos ! 

* Be Our Valentine  ♥️  

We have a plan in place for this Saturday, February 10th !  Emma’s mom has generously purchased scratch-off tickets, and prepared envelopes for distribution to the 85 lifties and ticket scanners covering Okemo’s 20 lifts.  As a show of gratitude, Devos will personally distribute the envelopes throughout the ski day.

We will also be crafting a large poster board card for the many other teams that work in Mountain Ops to make our weekends enjoyable and safe.  In this week’s attendance form I’ve included space for you to share some (Devo) thoughts on how we might best decorate our 22”x28” poster card. Think ski patrol, grooming, snowmaking, equipment and lift maintenance, trails/parks, admin, etc.  They all play a role.

If your Devo plans to bring any art/images — please keep it small (e.g. max 3”x5”) and ideally, let me know in advance so I can organize.  

Also, I’ll be choosing a few team leaders based on the submissions.

I will bring the poster board, along with cutout hearts for every Devo to sign. Early Saturday we’ll have each group quickly cycle through Sugarhouse to sign a heart and affix to the poster board — and we’ll also add some artwork.  Before the end of the day, we’ll meet up with a member of Mountain Ops to kindly deliver.

* Racer Ready

Early in the season we planned for supplemental race training on Wardance for our veteran and high school competition-ready Devos. 

Regrettably, extreme weather (e.g delayed snowpack, rain, frigid temps) has obstructed those plans. Indeed, our Devos are not the only group adversely impacted. To date, the Okemo Competition Center has been forced to cancel more events than held.  The local weekly Innkeepers series has only completed two of the scheduled five scheduled races, and even NASTAR was not available until a few weeks ago. These issues obviously extend beyond Okemo, with VARA and regional events disrupted.  Notably, Okemo has weathered the storm — or lack thereof – far better than many other areas  because of the scope and scale of its snowmaking/grooming operations.  

I’m detailing this info for understanding on why we have not yet scheduled Sunday race sessions.  The Comp Center, our Alpine Director and I have been working to find a solution. We are considering integration of some of our team members with other training squads, or scheduling a special, Devo-dedicated Monday session to circumvent the backlog of weekend competition events.  The issue is front and center, and I will keep you posted.  

* Kings and Queens of Corbets

Last weekend we asked our Devos about favorite or upcoming ski vacations … and one mentioned Jackson Hole.  I offered up stories about my visits to Corbets Couloir – and promised to send along a link about this year’s event. Well, here is what I found … 

After looking at snow depth, rock coverage and viable features, all parties agreed that the venue presents serious safety concerns for the athletes. For the safety of the athletes and the integrity of the event, we have decided that we cannot responsibly host Kings & Queens of Corbet’s in 2024. While we would do anything in our power to make the event happen, the conditions and forecast have not aligned this year. The event has been postponed to 2025.

Dive right in … (No worries, you’ll never get hurt while jumping – but then again, there’s that first turn and the landing.)

So, on that topic of cancellations … it’s not just Vermont. 

* Mid- season review

Our coaching crew gathered for a Zoom session earlier this week, for an update on a topic that is near and dear to all of you, and us …. your kids.  Goran and Garrett talked about the considerable progress they’ve seen with most everyone since December, and importantly, how well the groups have come together socially.  

Our call was interrupted when I received a request for emergency support for a child ‘trapped at Jackson Gore’.  I’ll spare you the full story, but only say that all is well, and that your kids are apparently safer with us, dodging rocks, trees, and ice … versus playing with vending machines in the game room of a hotel.   😀

And just as I asked our coaches for their assessment – I’ll do the same with you. In this week’s Attendance survey, I’ve left space for you to offer some mid-season observations.

* Weekend Past

                                                Yes, there are smiles behind that garb …  

                                                with sunshine and glistening trees in the distance

                                      And Garrett’s group after taking in the view from an observation point on Upper Mountain Road. 

                                      (This photo does not do it justice.)

* Season-End Planning

Yes, it feels like the season just got started … so season-end planning? Rest assured; we are looking forward to some great skiing over coming weeks.  Nonetheless, some planning is in order.We are setting fun plans for Saturday, March 9th to include a year-end race on Wardance, and a social gathering for Devos and parents. 

§  The Saturday, March 9th course onWardance will be somewhat more challenging than our rounds on NASTAR, and it will serve up opportunity for team members to show off new-found skills.  We’re on course – to be on course – between noon and 2 pm.  Keep those skis sharp, and I’ll have more info out in advance.

§  Our Devo social will be off-site on the afternoon of Saturday, March 9th.  One parent has stepped up and kindly offered to assist in logistics.  I will be supplying the names and emails of those of you who previously expressed interest in assisting. 

§  Details and timing will follow regarding an entertaining ‘Personal’ Props Day.

§  Our final meeting of the season will be on Saturday, March 16th.   (Although I should note that during this week’s coaches call, Goran enthusiastically mentioned the added progress that he and Nima will make with their gang through April.) Well, sorry Goran, I’m glad to hear that the team has grown on you – but March 16th it will be .. till next season. 😀

* Weekly Attendance – Response Requested

The attendance forms are important. Thanks to those of you who are diligently completing the brief Weekly Attendance Form … the info is important for planning purposes.  Please complete this week’s survey (for Saturdays, 2/10/24 and 2/17/24) via the link shown below.  Please submit the info before Friday at 5 pm.   

Also, please include comments on the open questions I have listed regarding;

§  Ideas / designs for decorating our Mountain Ops poster card  

§  Mid-season assessment


On to the top of the A/B (meet at 8.20 am for 8.30 am liftoff) !  

Bill, ET, Nima, Brian, Goran, and Garrett   ❄️  

Goran and Nima’s gang ready to carve some great turns down Chief.        


Bill Hauser

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