❄️ 🎿 ⛷️ ❄️Devo’s Training Plan 3/9

* Weekend Past  


Our cow-clad clan has become Okemo famous.  On Saturday I was amazed at the number of onlookers marveling at the squad. (Sure, the costumes were a hit, but I like to think it was because of their great skiing.)

Countless Okemo guests asked for photos. 

For example, this guy stated that he (seriously) works for the USDA.  He suggested that someday our cows might make their way into an ad. (I stipulated that he negotiate with their agents.)

Race crew sent me messages with ill-advised suggestions of me serving them up steaks.  (I’ll spare you my response to that unruly gang.)

This little guy mistakenly took our bovine for equine and shouted, “Giddy up” … before giving his Dad a good tug on his (skiing) reins. 

Bruce Schmidt asked about, “Bill’s costume”.

(I replied that every great herd needs this guy … No Yellowstone ranch, but yes, I do have a black hat and Tecova boots.) 

And in addition to the cows, folks fawned over our Devo fawn.

Our buck is multi-talented, setting a new record for 32 consecutive ‘flip the strap atop the Sunburst Bubble’.  (I told him to consider going pro. After all, if cornhole draws a TV audience…)  Chris, our in-house sports producer might have some insights.  

And of course we skied.  We continued with having Devos identify their personal needs, play coach for a run, and assess their peers.  

Here’s one team member using a simple prop for promoting athletic stance and upper-body position.

I’m sorry that the plan of bringing Devo parents onto snow for a similar training exercise last Sunday didn’t work out for everyone. At some juncture (for those returning next season)  I hope to have our squad coach parents with some of their favorite challenges. 

* This Weekend – Please read carefully

Saturday on Wardance

Earlier this season I reserved Wardance for a Devos race this Saturday (set to follow a Hopefuls finale).  However, recent weather is again having an impact –indeed, a scheduled U16 race for Sunday/Monday is being relocated from Chief. I’m in ongoing contact with the Comp Center and race crew regarding status of our plan for Saturday.

If we are running a timed race, I need an attendee roster by noon Friday (which I’ll send over to our starter) … so, early delivery of the Weekly Attendance Form is important.

With that said, conditions and attendance might force a change of plans – and I might opt for a less formal event. Please check your email late tomorrow for details.

For many years we’ve joked that, “It’s ski racing, it’s winter in New England, and plans will always change.”  Clearly, this season we have maxed-out on that maxim. 

Off the Rails – Responses Needed

Our season-end gathering is scheduled for this Saturday, March 9th, from 3.30 pm to approximately 5.30 pm at Off the Rails (OTR).  Great pizza will be served, and this offers-up a chance to meet other Devo families. OMARA and a former Devo parent/OMARA board member, Jim West have graciously offered to assist with some funding.  Please bring money for drinks (we’ll use a cash bar). 

Chris Connolly is working with Off the Rails on finalizing details. He very much needs an accurate headcount.  

Please read Chris’s email (sent from chris@charliefoxtrot.tv) and complete his OTR attendance form now, even if you are not planning to attend.  

I prefer to avoid, but if necessary, we will be texting reminders to non-responders to confirm attendance.

* Weekly Attendance – (separate response, please)

The info is important for planning purposes … and as mentioned above, particularly for this week.  Here is theWeekly Attendance Form.

Please complete this week’s survey via the link shown below sooner than usual, as I need the info to decide on Saturday’s session, and setting up a race start list.  Please submit this form before Friday at noon.  


My apologies for the onslaught of communication, however, my plan to set plans is being unduly impacted by ever-changing weather.  We look forward to finishing these final two Saturdays strong.

On to the top of the A/B (meet at 8.20 am for 8.30 am liftoff) !  

Bill, ET, Nima, Brian, Goran, and Garrett   ❄️  


Bill Hauser

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