Weather or Not … Devo Update 2/13

cold temp therm

Weather or not ? ….

Yes, we are on for Saturday !

However, with the confluence of cold temps and wind — there will potentially be some adjustments to the schedule.  At a minimum, the group might add in a hot chocolate break, so please  supply your sons/daughters  with a few extra warm-weather dollars.   Also, consider possibility of us  ending earlier than 2 pm.  (By the way, tomorrow is a good day to redeem any those hard-earned hot chocolate awards.)

In terms of gear, please make sure to equip your kids with proper skin protection (really critical), hand and/or boot warmers and added layer(s) of warm clothes. 

(OK, for full disclosure, I won’t be joining the group tomorrow.)  Not for fear of the weather, but I am tending to a minor injury.  Mike will be looking for everyone at the same time, same place, departing the top of the A/B at 8.30 am.

* Next week …

Plan is for us to get together on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (and of course Saturday) during the holiday week  Or more correctly, holiday week for the select few, as school schedules are proving  less and less consistent   I am hopeful to be back on snow for each of those days — we’ll keep you posted if any changes are needed. 


Bill and Mike

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