Okemo General Manager’s update for OMARA families


I want to take some time to give everyone an overview on what we see happening in regards to mountain operations and snowmaking and how it will affect the Okemo Competition Programs.  As you are aware, for this weekend, Competition Programs will not be training.  Please see Competition Programs Update for details. 

Okemo as well as the entire East coast is facing weather patterns that we have never seen previously.  As you know, the weather just hasn’t gotten cold enough for a real winter to begin.  With that said Okemo is working hard to do what we can to provide a winter skiing experience against strong odds.  The Okemo race program participants and families are very important to the resort.  The relationship that Okemo has with the racing families is strong and appreciated by both sides.  With that said I wanted to give you an update on where we see things from our perspective.  Here are some of things we are thinking and doing around the resort.

  • Okemo wants to provide training for our athletes, but we want to do this in the safest manner possible.  When decisions are made to cancel or postpone training it is because the coaches feel the terrain, space or business levels may not be conducive for ski racers to be training on the slopes.
  • The competition department is working very closely with Okemo and our mountain operations team to look at opportunities to train.  We were hoping to be able to do this over in Solitude again this coming weekend, but because of the limited terrain we have and some of the trail conditions, we are unable to provide early morning training this week.  Okemo is committed to providing this training when the conditions improve.
  • Peter and his coaches are meeting regularly to look at training schedules and speak with myself and our mountain manager. We have daily discussions on training options.
  • Okemo is committed to holding as many races as possible, but we need to balance this with our skiing public demands.  I can assure you that we will do our best to hold these postponed races as we can through the rest of the season.
  • Some good news, Okemo is planning on making snow on the Wardance trail in this next round of snowmaking.  The snowguns are in place.  I am hopeful for good things on the trail after a couple nights of snowmaking. Our plan will be to get the trail opened even if it is not wall to wall to provide some training space.
  • Our plan for terrain parks is to hopefully get started on one soon.  We know this is a real concern for the freestyle and snowboard teams and we feel your pain.
  • Our Mountain Manager and I have discussed finding a spot for some moguls to be built, even if they are a short section so the mogul racers can at least have something.  This may not be able to be done in this coming round of snowmaking, but is something we are looking at. 

My goal is to continue to communicate the best we can with what we are thinking.  I cannot tell you how much the Mueller family and Okemo staff appreciate the loyal support of the racing families.  We are all in this together and we are committed to do all we can with the resources and weather we have.  Rest assured that Okemo Ski racers, Snowboard competitors or Freestyle competitors are not forgotten and are important to the resort.

May you all have a great holiday season and thanks for sticking with Okemo

Bruce Schmidt
Vice-President & General Manager
Okemo Mountain Resort



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