Devos Update !

All –

We’ve made solid use of the improved snow conditions over the past several weeks. And our returnees have done an admirable job of welcoming in our newest additions.  Mike and I are pleased with the effort and willingness for most everyone to push beyond their traditional levels of comfort.


  • Congrats !
    Yes, congratulations to several of our Devos who claimed positions on their high school ski teams.  The hard work, fundamentals and your time on snow really do matter .  Keep up the great work.   And a big shout-out to those who participated in the recent Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge.  I missed the official video replay on ESPN, but rumor has it that many of our team members took podium positions.  Congratulations and great job !

(Partial attendance — end of day at South Face)

  • Speaking of Video

I’ll be sending a link to an uncut / unedited video file from material shot on Wardance a couple weeks back.  No, the material is not meant for primetime viewing — nor will it claim any critical film awards.

However, I am hopeful that all members of our group will quickly scan through the footage, locate pertinent material and do a self-assessment.  If a  picture is worth a thousand words, hopefully the video clips will have some value in identifying concepts that we’ve been discussing throughout the season.   Start with feet and shins, move up to torso, shoulders, arms/hands, etc.  Any thoughts on positioning ?

Ciara and Kristen are due hot chocolates from our last homework assignment.  Who is up to the task of supplying a good self-assessment for the coming week ?

  • Holiday Week Scheduling

Also, we’d like to get a headcount on who will be available  on each day of  the upcoming holiday week.  If we have reasonable attendance, we will add a few sessions.  Please drop us a note.

See you on the slopes this Saturday.

Bill and Mike


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