Devo Update


Good ski day today !   This afternoon several of our Devos entusiastically took on the challenge of one ski-skiing and whirly birds.  (No, not one-ski whirly birds.)  In fact three boys insisted on completing the leg-burning effort of a single-ski descent on Tuckered Out.  

We remain on for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

* Tuesday
Monday eve snow is expected to turn to rain at some point on Tuesday. Depending on your source — either very early or alternatively, by the afternoon.  (Up till now, my expectation was that the rain would hold off till later.)

Please check your email early.  I will have a note out by 7.15 am if we need modify our plans.

Unless you see a note to the contrary, we will meet as usual, 8.30 am, top of the A/B.  

I would anticipate we’ll have approximately 6 boys in attendance.

If weather quickly turns challenging we might work our way down to the training center for a working session on ski tuning and maintenance.  (Light rain, OK, heavy rain not OK.)

(Sorry to disappoint you Lance, but I’m not always opposed to staying warm and dry. : ) )


* Thursday
Please reconfirm if your son or daughter will be in attendance on Thursday (as Mike and I have received numbers between 1 and 6 attendees).

* Road Trip
In past seasons, we’ve made the one day pilgrimage across state lines to Mt. Sunapee, NH.  Mike and I have  also talked about an upgraded trip — after all, this year’s group deserves something special.  Airfares are attractive, but no snow in Europe, so maybe we’ll settle for something stateside.  How about …   

K-town (Killington) !

Please drop us a note with your son’s / daughter’s availability for Saturday, 2/27.   Also please let us know whether he/she is  entitled to  tickets at Killington (3 days under the Ultra, Peak and College season passes).  We’ll look at what works best for the group and craft a plan.

We might also want a few lucky parents to join us, so … lightly pencil it in on your iPhone calendars.


Bill and Mike

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