Devo (PGs)

Hello Devo (PGs) !

Positive results during our first week of meetings.   Theme for the week?  Building a strong foundation; establishing a proper stance and the early elements of developing forward pressure.  Sounds basic for sure, but much of what we covered is identical to the drills utilized by World Cup athletes during their initial days on snow each summer.   As part of our balance and stance exercises, the group mimicked everything from falling leaves to helicopters.   (Video highlights to follow.)

For this Saturday, we’ll be meeting as usual at 8.30 a.m., top of the A/B quads.  Now that we are moving into full swing, we will be departing nearer that time, with little delay — so please arrive early.  We recognize that last week the early morning journey from JG proved challenging on a couple occasions.  As mentioned, other opportunities to meet up would generally include the Sunburst Six – or off toward skier’s right, near the Summit.   Also, we are generally in Sugar House from approximately 11 a.m. till noon.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

BH –

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