Competition Programs Update as of Sunday 12/27

Competition Programs Update as of Sunday 12/27

At present, plans call for the following training schedule;

Monday 12/28

U14,U16,U19 and Snowboarders will meet from 8 am to 11 am 

U10-U12 and Freestylers will meet from 11-2

Groups will meet at regularly assigned locations, unless coaches announce alternative plans.  Participants should not be skiing/riding as a group outside of the allocated time slots.

Daily schedule for age groups noted above to remain in place until further notice.

Tuesday 12/29

Please refer to age group schedule for Monday shown above.
Hopefuls and Devos will not be meeting on Tuesday.

Current schedule calls for Hopefuls and Devos meetings on;

Wednesday 12/30, Thursday 12/31 and Saturday 1/2

Hopefuls will meet at 9 am in front of Sugarhouse for Wednesday.
Another update might follow on possibility of daily split sessions /alternative times for Thursday and Saturday.

Devos will meet at 8.30 am off the top of the A/B quads


Please check this blog frequently as plans remain variable and could change.

Again, many thanks for your patience.  As mentioned in prior notes, Okemo is working closely with the Competition Center Director to manage through current conditions. The mountain remains committed to maximizing training opportunities in a safe and appropiate manner.  

Also, as a reminder, I would strongly encourage everyone to click here and read the note from Bruce Schmidt of 12/25.  

On to snowier days  (they are coming),

Bill Hauser

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