Thanks to everyone for their support and interest in moving forward with the clubhouse project.  Following years of dedicated effort, the clubhouse plan remains  on hold.

Okemo continues to be supportive and we are hopeful that appropriate alternatives will emerge that satisfy the needs and interests of OMARA.


• 2012  Kettlebrook negotiations terminated / Building Committee and Okemo reassess logistics

• 2013 Capital campaign underway / RFQ process completed / Design – build team selected Local permitting completed, (mid-year) State approvals blocked b/c of left-hand turn lane at JG Completed applications with lenders for a debt facility

• 2014 Route 103 turn lane completed, ability to apply for state permitting reopened,
ADA and fire suppression issues continue to increase costs/funding gap
Detailed value re-engineering and meetings with state officials underway

• 2015 Okemo proposed that we jointly explore an extension at Sugarhouse, in conjunction with potential renovation

• Currently on hold, no near-term plans to move forward

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