March 2013 Update – OMARA Clubhouse; Be a Part of It!

Delivery of the clubhouse is now in sight. We have reviewed bids from several contractors, and have three options from which to choose. We have enough commitments to build a base building, but need your immediate support to raise additional funds to construct a building with a larger footprint and enhanced features.

The Options

With all three options, the building will include:

  • Location just above the Black Ridge lift; easy access to all competition venues
  • Main level finished to include common area, concessions or minimal kitchen
  • Lower level with bathrooms, storage/utilities
  • Competition management
  • Deck and BBQ grill
  • Exterior fire pit similar to the one at Solitude

The three options are summarized in the table below:


1) Base Building 2) Enhanced Building 3) Timber Frame
Approximate cost $375,000 $450,000 $470,000
Square footagefinished/unfinished 1,350/1,350 3,300/0 3,300/0
Estimated main floor seating 75 100 100
Construction style Traditional Traditional Timber Frame/ Post & Beam
Initial food/concession Hot water/ coffee makers/ microwaves Similar to Carver’s Deli at Sugar House, subject to demand Similar to Carver’s Deli at Sugar House, subject to demand
Restrooms 3 stalls each for men/women 4 stalls men             6 stalls women 4 stalls men              6 stalls women
Initial deck square footage 200 630 630
Initial finishes Lower level unfinished except for bathroom Both levels finished; video, tuning, etc. in lower level Both levels finished, video, tuning, etc. in lower level

We are proud that our membership has already pledged enough to proceed with Option 1) the Base Building, which will be a great asset for our kids and capable of expansion in the future as more funds become available. However, pushing harder now to increase our fundraising will allow us to build a larger building with more complete finishes immediately.

Fundraising Progress to Date

Over the past six weeks, OMARA representatives have called fellow members to educate and garner financial support. We’ve received an excellent response and wish to thank those OMARA members who’ve generously stepped forward with commitments. Approximately $375,000 has been raised through pledges, OMARA savings and a substantial personal $100,000 matching pledge from Tim and Diane Mueller. In addition, Okemo Mountain is donating labor and equipment for construction of utilities and site prep. Tim and Diane extend thanks to all those who’ve shared in their vision for the project. Like you, they are committed to supporting OMARA’s programs and participants.

We are now at a critical juncture and must decide on the scope and scale of the project. Economies of scale strongly beckon for us to supplement the funds raised to date. If we desire Option 2 or 3, we need to push hard to raise an additional $75,000-­‐$100,000. Please do what you can to help us close the gap.

Importance of Pledging

Many of you have expressed sincere willingness to contribute, however, have not yet pledged. We need your immediate support at For those of you who’ve already pledged or donated, thank you again. (We will be in contact over coming weeks regarding the capital call.) We have commitments from 33% of membership at an average pledge of roughly $3,000. Raising the participation rate to 50% could easily meet our goals. The time is now to make this happen.

Also, many of us are eligible for corporate matching donations. This could go a long way in garnering additional funds. Please see  for details.

Operating Agreement

We are in the process of negotiating the development and operating agreements with Okemo. Most of the costs associated with the building will fall under Okemo’s budget, including taxes, insurance, utilities and ordinary maintenance. OMARA will be responsible for capital expenditures such as expansions and major repairs. While there will be a professional cleaning staff, we need to be conscious of treating the Clubhouse as our home.


  • Calling of Pledges
    March 31st -­‐-­‐ all pledges due
    (We will be in contact via separate communication regarding the capital call.)
  • Groundbreaking
    July 2013
  • Delivery and Opening
    Winter season 2013-­‐2014


Thanks again for sharing the vision and bringing the OMARA Clubhouse through to completion.



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