June 2013 Update


Dear OMARA Member,

Since the end of the ski season, work has continued on the OMARA Clubhouse and we would like to update you on several developments.

  • Team / contractor selection
  • Permitting and impact on our timing
  • Regulatory issues; impact on our budget and funding strategy

Team / Contractor Selection

OMARA and Okemo Mountain Resort are pleased to be working with ID3 and Gassetts Group for design and construction of the OMARA Clubhouse.  Everett Hammond of Hammond Engineering has been engaged for site engineering.  These organizations have successfully completed several projects in the area – including many Solitude homes – and we have confidence that they can help us bring the OMARA Clubhouse through to completion.

Permitting issues
Our team has made excellent headway on a number of issues; however, we’ve confronted a meaningful slowdown in permitting. The obstacle is at the state level and did not arise from our project, yet has far reaching implications on our schedule. We no longer believe that the building will be operational for the start of the 2013-14 ski season.

At the present time, Okemo is prevented from receiving state Act 250 permits.  We are working with Okemo and others to clear this hurdle. Meanwhile, our team is progressing at the local level and with several other state agencies on additional permits for the project. While not within our direct control, it is our expectation that groundbreaking will be delayed by at least four to six months.

Dependent on progress with permitting and other considerations, the possibility exists of completing a foundation before freezing ground prevents further work.  As we learn more we will keep you updated.  Plans will be made available on the OMARA website shortly.

Regulatory Issues, Budget and Funding

New requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other regulatory issues are increasing project costs (most notably in the form of a required lift/elevator and a required sprinkler system).  While our fundraising had put us at the highest-level building option (outlined in our previous communication) these added costs are creating an additional funding gap.  We are working now to assess/minimize the gap, reexamine expectations and make plans for additional fundraising.  Again, as we learn more we will keep you updated.

More than eighty families have now pledged financial support.  Several businesses have also generously committed to funding. Like you, we are anxious to proceed and bring the OMARA Clubhouse online. We will not move ahead with a capital call until the uncertainties listed above are resolved.  However, now more than ever, participation from existing and new donors will be critical.

We genuinely appreciate the positive support and ask that all of you retain a focus on long-term benefits for this project.   This project remains a vital progression for the OMARA program and we thank the broad range of families that have chosen to participate.

On behalf of OMARA,


Bill Hauser

David Chute
Building Committee

Dirk Ludl
Building Committee

Steve Skinner
Building Committee



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