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Greetings Team Devo !

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Greetings Team Devo !

Welcome back to our returnees — and welcome aboard to our first-time attendees.   We’ll be meeting up for the first time this Saturday, 12/9 (details below).    Our roster will take final form as we add a few more faces over coming weeks.   We’re assured of a solid squad; large enough for all to make new friends, small enough to maintain our group’s personal feel.

And as the season starts, a quick note on a few items ….

* Logistics

Look for us (the two most dashing senior ski bums clad in matching red jackets) at the top of the A/B, off to the far side of the trail on skiers’ right at 8.25 am.  Departure will be near 8.30.


Our group will ski the morning and break around 11 am, shed the goggles and facemarks, re-test name and face recognition and in the spirit of camaraderie, have the group eat together.   We will generally break at Sugar House — but might opt for Jackson Gore on those days we’re hucking cliff jumps and cornices in the back country.  (OK, maybe not.)

Near high noon, we’ll jump back on snow for another two hours.  Around 2 pm we’ll set the group free — ready for you to serve up much-deserved hot chocolate. Please make sure your daughters/sons have lunch money and means to connect with you at the end of the day.

No de-merits if your son/daughter can’t participate on any given day — but for planning purposes, please drop me a note if he/she will be absent.

* Holiday Week Schedule

We will meet on Saturday, 12/23, Tuesday, 12/26, Thursday, 12/28 and Saturday, 12/30.  Thereafter, Saturdays until the next holiday break.  We’ll be checking everyone’s availability and update info on other holiday/school vacations as those dates draw closer.

* Early Season Routine

Back to basics, yes.  Balance, body position, fore and aft pressure are front and center for these early weeks.  Nothing glamorous, but critically important  even for the most experienced skiers during early season.  Maybe you’ll get a laugh, maybe a yawn, or maybe a groan about feeling uncomfortable, but each of these skills builds for real improvements as the season progresses.   We’ll keep you posted on progress in the time ahead.

* Equipment

Mike and I will talk with you if any equipment modifications are necessary. We like to keep it simple, but the proper tools are critical for safety — and executing on the skills we’re looking to build.  In the past we’ve sometimes recommended stiffer, longer skis, better fitting poles or most importantly, appropriate boots.  (We’ve also politely consulted in those rare instances of extreme goggle gap.) But seriously, in all cases, keeping skis sharp and tuned is vital.  We’ll gladly do an instructional tuning session a few weeks into the season.


* Terrain

Last year offered significant opportunity to ski the entire mountain — hence our group honed stylish turns in the glades on many weekends.  Let’s hope for similar conditions this season and we’ll quickly progress from groomers to the Nastar course, moguls and glades.

* Homework

For this week’s assignment, please have your daughter or son prepped with enthusiasm, willingness to make some new friends and a big smile.

Stay tuned, the fun is about to begin.

As always, feel free to reach out with thoughts or questions.

See you on the snow,

Bill and Mike


U16/U19 Weekend Training 12/9 – 12/10

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017
Hello Again Everyone,

Saturday: So as you know from my previous email, many of you will be racing SL on Saturday. For those racing, you know the routine. Get here early, and meet coaches on the hill for inspection. Those who are not racing will be meeting at the yurt at 8:15 and working on SL drillwork and focused freeski in group with coaches. Lunch from 11:30 – 12:30. End at 2pm.

Sunday: GS mode. Same routine as last weekend. Early lift at solitude. Meet at the Solitude quad at 7:25. Please respect the early lift and ski slowly outside of the lower sapphire venue and be mindful of machine operators on the hill. Bring a snack and a drink we will only take a quick break after our gate session then freeski/drill through lunch time and end a 1pm.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If plans change, I will update you. Thanks.

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