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OMST 2.25_2.26

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

OMST Parents and Athletes,

We have had some amazing weather over the past few days and perfect timing for President’s week training. Our coaching staff have noticed a ton of progression from all the athletes and the warm temps allowed for a fun and forgiving pipe and park over the weekend and into the week.
This weekend, there will be a Rail Jam at Stratton and because we have not had any athletes competing in a rail jam, there will not be any coaches going to Stratton on Saturday and we will be training slopestyle at Okemo. On Sunday, there will be the 3rd USASA slopestyle event at Stratton.  Athletes should meet coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:45am. If you have not pre-registered for this event, please do so asap and for all remaining Southern Vermont Series events that your child will be competing in. REGISTER ONLINE Lastly, please make sure to have your child’s board waxed with temperature appropriate wax for Sunday’s event.
For those who will not be competing, training times will be usual at Okemo on Sunday.

OMS Snowboarders Compete in Mammoth Mountain Rev Tour

Thursday, February 16th, 2017
Anna Valentine takes first in Rev Tour Halfpipe

Anna Valentine takes first in USSA Toyota Rev Tour Halfpipe at Mammoth Mountain, CA

OMS snowboarders Anna Valentine (18′) and Margie Black (20′) traveled to Mammoth Mountain, California this past week to compete in the USSA Toyota US Rev Tour halfpipe and slopestyle events. The US Rev Tour features the country’s top amateur snowboarders and freeskiers and also includes riders from around the world.

Mammoth sized snow banks

Mammoth sized snow banks

Margie_mammoth pipe

Margie Black with a nice frontside air during pipe practice

Upon arrival, California started to receive another gigantic snowstorm which resulted in a LONG drive to Mammoth on an alternative route through the Sierra desert. We made it safely and the snowstorm continued to drop 6 feet of snow throughout the week!  Needless to say, training slope and pipe was impossible and we improvised with a mix of hand built jumps and quarterpipes for the girls to session. The girls had a blast and towards the end of the week, conditions improved and the mountain opened up and they were able to ride some amazing powder prior to their events. On Saturday; after a delay the Superpipe went on as scheduled (due to all the snow) and the girls were able to compete. Margie Black competed in her first Rev Tour event and placed 19th with a solid and consistent run and

Anna Valentine took the win with insane style, large airs, and spins. This was her first Rev Tour win and a big congrats to Anna! The slopestyle event kicked off on Sunday and the Mammoth Unbound crew did an excellent job constructing a innovative course consisting of long rails, transitions, and large jumps. Margie Black placed 21st in her first Rev Tour slope and Anna Valentine finished 10th place. Props to both girls for their valiant efforts over the weekend!

OMST 2.4_2.5

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

OMST Parents and Athletes,

It’s hard to believe we that February is almost here which means we only have a month left of competitions in the Southern Vermont Series and less than two months of OMST training left! Let’s take advantage of every moment on the hill and let progression feed progression.
USASA Stratton BX 2/4 and 2/5
This weekend we have our last USASA Boardercross racing events which will be held at Stratton on Saturday and Sunday. Please make sure you pre-register for these events and also pre-register for the remaining Series events in which your child will be competing. Please plan on meeting your coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:30am on Saturday and Sunday. Also, make sure that your child’s board is tuned with sharp edges and weather appropriate wax. If a base structure is needed, please make sure to do so.Competitor tickets are $25 o please make sure that your child has cash or card both days. Best of Luck to everyone competing!
Friday 2/3 BX Training
There will be BX training at Stratton on Friday from 8:30am-1:15pm. If your child will be training please make sure to let Eddie or myself know and please meet OMS coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge. Training tickets are $45 and your child must have their USASA membership card or a printout of their membership to receive the discounted ticket price.
*Additional USASA SVSS Events
The Southern Vermont Series has added two events which will take place at Okemo the first week of March. On Friday, March 3rd there will be a USASA slopestyle event and on Sunday March 5th, the Series has added an additional pipe which will mean a halfpipe doubleheader on March 5th. The events have yet to be posted on the USASA site but when they do, I will send an email to pre register.
Lastly, for those who are not competing at Stratton this weekend, training at Okemo will follow our normal schedule with morning training from 8am-11am and afternoon training from 11:45am-1:30pm.

OMST 1.28_1.29

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

OMST Parents and Athletes,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and congrats to all the BX athletes in their successes at Stratton over the weekend. Okemo also opened up the halfpipe and is one of the best initial shapes I have seen, so kudos to mountain operations and the park staff for their hard work over the past week.
This weekend we have our first USASA Slopestyle events at Mount Snow on Saturday and Sunday. If you haven’t pre-registered your child online, please make sure to do so asap by visiting the SVSS page. Both events are USASA Southern Vermont Series events and Sunday is also Rev Tour Qualifying event in which a Rev Tour invite will be given to the top 2 riders from Open Class and the top one finisher from Youth class. We will meet athletes in the bottom floor of the Carinthia Base Lodge at 7:30am on both days. Mount Snow is a little over an hour drive from Ludlow. Lift tickets are not included in Registration and the cost is $35. Lastly, please make sure that your child’s board is waxed with weather and temp appropriate wax.
Friday Training: If any OMST weekend athletes would like to train on Friday at Mount Snow, OMS will be training at Carinthia from 9am-1:45pm. Mount Snow does not offer training tickets so please make sure to purchase your child’s ticket for Friday training online as it is the cheapest way to go.
Okemo Training: Training at Okemo for those who are not competing over the weekend will follow our normal schedule with an 8am meet at the Sitting Bull, 11am-11:45am lunch, and afternoon training from 11:45am-1:30pm.

OMS Shred the Gnar Snowboard Camp

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

STG flier_17
The OMST Shred the Gnar Camp (Jan 30th-Feb 3rd) is Okemo Mountain School’s annual mid season snowboard camp and is an excellent opportunity for any athlete looking to train intensively with the OMS coaches and experience life at a ski/snowboard academy. Our coaching staff will be working with campers in the pipe, park, and on the mountain throughout the week with a scheduled day trip to Killington as well. Campers will hit the books in a supervised study hall after lunch (Monday-Wednesday), followed by some afternoon trampoline sessions and dryland workouts.

The STG Camp cost is $550 and includes a day ticket to Killington and a OMS Team Sweatshirt. This camp will be very conducive for progression as the midweek slopes will be quiet and Okemo’s parks and pipe will be in tip-top shape!

For more information please email at:

OMST 1.21_1.22 and USASA BX #1 and #2 at Stratton

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

OMST Parents and Athletes,

It was great to have everyone for the long weekend and we have our first action packed USASA Boardercross events coming up this weekend at Stratton on Saturday, 1/21 and Sunday, 1/22. If your child will be competing, please make sure to visit the Southern Vermont Series page and register your child. Pre Registration closes on Thursday at midnight. Meeting times for the Stratton event will be at 7:30am in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. Also, please make sure that your child’s board is tuned with sharp edges and waxed with weather appropriate wax.
Friday Training
I placed a call to the Stratton Program Director and he is not 100% sure that the course will be open for training on Friday. They are starting the build tonight and fingers crossed that it will be completed in time for competitors to have a day to run the course on Friday. With that said, we will have Friday Training for BX regardless- whether at Okemo or Stratton. I will follow up with an email as soon as I find out to let parents know location, logistics, and costs for training.
Okemo Training
For those of you who will not be competing, we will follow our normal training times at Okemo this weekend with an 8am meet at the Sitting Bull, lunch 11am-11:45am and afternoon training from 11:50am-1:30pm.  Our training will be focused on slopestyle (Crazy Train will be open!) and Okemo is cranking on shaping the 18′ pipe as we speak so we may be able to train in the U tube as well!

OMS Snowboarder Anna Valentine 3rd in USSA Rev Tour

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Anna_Rev Tour podium

A HUGE congrats to OMS Snowboarder Anna Valentine with her amazing performances at last week’s USSA Rev Tour events in Waterville Valley, NH. Anna competed in the first two Rev Tour stops on Thursday and Friday in some extreme conditions on opposite spectrums. Thursday the course was socked in with fog and Anna had a great run that landed her in 4th place, .75 and 1.25 point behind 3rd and 2nd place finishers. A cold front blew in on Thursday night which created a boiler plate course on Friday morning for the girls. However, in true East Coast fashion, Anna took the course in ease and deservedly landed on the podiAnna_f3 Watervilleum with a third place finish and a bronze medal.

OMST MLK Weekend

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

OMST Parents and athletes,

MLK weekend has arrived and we are looking forward to working with the OMST crew for 3 days! There is a lot going on and it looks as though we may have a new park to train as Lower Tomahawk will be ready to shred this weekend. The Crazy Train OMS Signature Park is also being rebuilt in to make it a true slopestyle course with 2 jump options per pad and possibly a three pack of jumps! Our hopes is that it may be ready by the weekend as well.
For those who would like to compete in USASA Rail Jams, there will be rail jams on Saturday 1/14 (12/18 make-up) and Sunday 1/15 at Stratton. If your child will be competing, please plan on meeting their OMST coach in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:45am. Pre registration for these events closes at midnight on Thursday night so please make sure to pre register. If you could also let me know if your child will be competing, I can staff accordingly.
OMST MLK Schedule 1/14-1/16)
8-11am- Training
11-11:45am: Lunch
11:45- 1:30pm Training

OMST 1/7-1/8 and USASA GS and Slalom Comps

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

OMST Parents and athletes,

Happy New Year to all and I hope everyone enjoyed the amazing conditions over the holiday break. It was a first in a long time that we had the option to escape the crazy lift lines with t-bar access to two awesome parks and we saw some excellent progression from all the OMST athletes. Kudos to Okemo and SPT for building both parks this early and in time for the holiday break.
This weekend marks the start to our competition season in which nearly every weekend from now through early March consists of Southern Vermont Series USASA events:
USASA GS and Slalom at Killington (1/7) and Bromley (1/8) 
On Saturday, there will be a USASA Slalom and GS doubleheader held at Killington and on Sunday there will be 2 Slaloms and 2 GS events held at Bromley Mountain. If your child plans on competing in these events, you can pre-register online by visiting the USASA SVS page.  Online registration closes on Thursday 1/6 at midnight.  The Series has decided to do all GS and SL this weekend so there will not be another opportunity to compete in these events after this weekend.
Athletes should plan on meeting OMST Coaches at 7:30am in the K1 Base Lodge on Saturday and in the Bromley Base Lodge at 7:30am on Sunday. Drive time from Ludlow is 35 minutes to both mountains.  Also, please make sure your child’s board is tuned and hot waxed with weather appropriate wax for the event. Totem Pole offers excellent race tuning and board structure services.
Friday 1/6 Gate Training
Also, if any OMST athletes would like to receive extra training in the gates, we will be setting gates on Friday morning with gate training from 8:30am-11:15am. The cost for morning training is $30 and you can pay with cash or check at the Comp Center. Please let me know if your child will be there so we can staff accordingly. Athletes who will be training on Friday should meet OMS coaches at 8:30am in front of the Sitting Bull.
Lastly, OMST athletes who will not be racing this weekend will follow our regular training schedule from 8am-1:30pm on both days.

OMST Holiday Break 12.26_12.31

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

OMST Parents and Athletes,

Despite the roller coaster of a weather pattern over the past few weeks, we have had a couple of awesome training weekends with the always-stoked OMST athletes! We have a lot to look forward to over the holiday break as the park staff along with SPT’s Corley Howard are in Crazy Train shaping it up as we speak. Their plan is to build a very fun park with medium size features including some airtime features as well. In this initial build, there is not enough snow to build the large jumps we have mid season, but the mountain is planning on hitting it with more snow and we will be back in there is January to rebuild the park into a slopestyle course. Also, SPT and Okemo Parks will be building in the Zone this week as well so there will be a T Bar to ride and lot to train on over the break.
With that said, ourvholiday schedule is as follows:
8am: Meet at the Sitting Bull
8am-11am: Training
11am-11:45am: Lunch
11:45am-1:30pm: Training
Also, for the athletes who will be competing in January’s USASA GS and Slalom events, Eddie, Betsy, and Garrison will be scheduling some gate training times on Wardance. Please defer to them as to when your child should bring their race/bx board (if they have one).
Lastly, thanks to all who came to the Darkside Meet and Greet on Saturday and a big thanks to Goodman’s American Pie and OMARA for supplying the pizzas.

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