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OMST 3.2_3.4 and USASA Okemo slope and pipe events

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

OMST parents and athletes,

We have our final USASA events coming up from Friday-Sunday and all at Okemo. On Friday and Saturday, we have back to back slopestyle events and on Sunday there will be a doublepipe.  If your child is competing, please make sure to preregister for the events. Athletes should meet coaches in the upstairs of the Sitting Bull at 7:45am on each day. For slopestyle athletes, please make sure that boards are hot waxed with weather appropriate wax and for pipe athletes, an edge tune and hot wax as well. On Sunday, there will also be a USASA BBQ at the bottom of the pipe for ALL USASA members. This is a great time to grab some food, watch the pipe action and an opportunity to thank Paul Kelly and Ross Powers (directors) for their hard work and dedication to providing us a great series.
For the athletes who will not be competing, training will be as usual and from 8am-1:30pm.
Lastly, our last weekend of training will be March 17th-18th so our hope is that all our athletes take full advantage of the next three weeks at Okemo and push the envelope during training.

OMST President’s Week

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

OMST parents and athletes,

It’s hard to believe that President’s week is upon us and will mark only one month left of the OMST training season. The week should be a great opportunity for athletes to get in a ton of training and the slopestyle course, zone, and pipe is where our freestyle competition athletes will spend a lot of their time. Coaches Eddie and Garrison will also be working on some BX and racing with our racing contingent throughout the week. We hope to see you all here next week and our schedule will be as follows:
President’s Week Schedule
2/17-2/20: Training
2/22-2/25: Training
2/25: USASA Slopestyle #3 at Stratton
On 2/25, the Southern Vermont Series will hold its third USASA slopestyle event at Stratton Mountain. Please make sure you pre-register your child on the USASA website to ensure their spot in the event. Athletes should meet coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:30am and boards should have a weather appropriate hot wax.

OMST 2/10-2/11 and USASA GS/SL and Halfpipe x2

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
The conditions are pretty epic up here and with another 12-14″ forecasted overnight, the riding will be amazing this weekend. There will also be 3 USASA events this weekend including the rescheduled GS/SL at Bromley on Saturday, and the first set of Okemo pipe events on Sunday.  If your child will be competing in any of these events, please make sure to pre-register online via the USASA website.
GS/SL Bromley
For the racers, please make sure to meet your coaches in the Bromley Base Lodge at 7:45am on Saturday. This will be the last race events of the series and please make sure to have your board tuned with an edge sharpening and weather appropriate hot wax.
Okemo double pipe
On Sunday 2/11, Okemo will host the first set of USASA pipe events. Please plan on meeting coaches in the upstairs of the Okemo Base Lodge at 7:45am. A edge and a hot wax is also highly recommended.
For the athletes who will not be competing this weekend, training will be as normal and from 8am-1:30pm.

OMST 1/27-1/28 and Mount Snow Slopestyle

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

OMST parents and athletes,

This weekend we will have our first USASA slopestyle events at Mount Snow on Saturday 1/27 and Sunday 1/28. If you have not signed your child up for the weekend events, registration is full. Athletes who will be competing will need to meet coaches at registration in the Carinthia Base Lodge at 7:30am. Mount Snow is an hour and ten minutes from Ludlow. Also, please make sure that your child’s board has a weather appropriate hot wax. These are long days so if you could also make sure that your child is equipped with snacks and water that would be great.
Friday Training at Mount Snow: OMS will also be training at Mount Snow on Friday from 9am-1:30pm and if you would like for your child to train with OMS, please let me know asap. Mount Snow does not offer training tickets so please make sure to purchase your child’s ticket for Friday training online as it is the cheapest way to go.
For athletes who will not be competing this weekend, training will be as normal and from 8am-1:30pm on both days. If anyone has any questions on anything, please let me know.

OMST 1/20-1/21 and USASA Stratton BX

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

OMST parents and athletes,

Due to the rain followed by another arctic blast, MLK weekend had it’s challenges with conditions BUT we are receiving a bit of snow today into tonight (calling for 3-5″) and the mountain is working hard on getting the slopes back in shape quickly. Conditions should be great for the weekend!
Our boardercross athletes will have their first USASA BX competitions this weekend at Stratton on Saturday, 1/20 and Sunday, 1/21. If your child is competing, please make sure you pre-register your child for both events asap via Athletes should plan on meeting coaches in the West Wing of the Stratton Base Lodge at 7:30am. Stratton is about a 40 minute drive from Okemo and give yourself another 5-10 minutes for parking. Also, please make sure that your child’s board receives an edge sharpen and weather appropriate hot wax prior to the events. The Totem Pole in Ludlow offers excellent tuning services.
Friday BX training with OMS will also an option for our weekend athletes at Stratton. This is a great opportunity for your child to receive some extra training prior to the event. If the course is open (I will know on Thurs) training will be at Stratton, if not training will be at Okemo. Training will be from 8:30am-12pm and I will let you know the training plan on Thursday evening. Training is $75 through the Competition Center.
For OMST athletes who will not be competing, training will be as usual at Okemo from 8am-1:30pm. A heavy dose of park and pipe training will be our focus for the weekend.

OMST 1.6_1.7 and USASA Killington and Bromley GS and Slalom info

Monday, January 1st, 2018

OMST Parents and Athletes,

This weekend we have our USASA Southern Vermont Series racing events at Killington (GS/SL) and Bromley  (GSx2, SLx2) on Saturday and Sunday.  For those of you who will be competing, please make sure to meet your coaches at registration at 7:30am both days. Registration and bib pickup at Killington on 1/6 will be in the Johnny O. Room in the Killington Ski Club located next to the K-1 Lodge. The Ski Club is for registration only and parents and athletes should use the K-1 Lodge as their home base. Sunday, 1/7 race registration at Bromley will be in the upstairs of the Bromley Base Lodge.
Please make sure that your child’s board is tuned with an edge sharpen and weather appropriate hot iron wax. The Totem Pole in Ludlow offers excellent tuning services. The temps look to be pretty cold again this weekend so please make sure your child is layered up for the weekend of racing.

There will also be am race training on Friday at Okemo with OMS for any weekend athletes that would like extra training. Athletes should meet OMS coaches in front of the Sitting Bull at 8:30am on Friday and training will conclude at 11:30am. Lastly, please make sure that your child is a member of USASA and preregistered for this weekends events. To do so, follow the link:

OMST athletes who will not be racing will follow our regular weekend program schedule with training from 8am-1:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

OMST 12.9_12.10

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

OMST parents and athletes,

It was great to see everyone last weekend and we had a large group with some new members and the stoke level was high! Snowmaking will resume towards the latter part of the week which should ensure better coverage and some new trail openings. Rumor has it from the mountain ops department that a sub cold spell will be hitting the area over the weekend which should allow for a huge snowmaking effort by Okemo going into mid December.
Weekend schedule 12/9-12/10
8am Meet at Sitting Bull
8am-11am: Training
11am: 11:45 lunch
11:50-1:30pm Training

Okemo Snowboarders and USASA Nationals

Friday, April 14th, 2017

                    Day 3 medal winners and coaching staff

Okemo Snowboarders including athletes from OMS and the weekend program competed in Copper, Colorado at USASA Nationals last week and the Okemo contingent took home 21 podiums at the big dance! This a record for our team and we commend all the athletes who competed at Copper for their valiant effort.
Joey Okesson (Youth Men 14-15): 3rd slopestyle, 2nd in halfpipe
Tommy Okesson (Boys 8-9):  2nd in pipe, 2nd in slopestyle, 3rd in BX, 2nd in overalls
Julianne Tonkel (Girls 10-11):  1st in slalom, 2nd in halfpipe, 2nd in slopestyle, 1st in BX, 1st in GS, 1st in Overalls
Margie Black (Girls 14-15): 3rd in halfpipe
Henry Hall (Men 18-22): 2nd in GS, 2nd in Slalom
Otto Lichtensteiger (Boys 12-13): 3rd in Slalom
Max Landon (Boys 8-9): 3rd in GS, 3rd in Slalom
Maggie Hall (Women 16-17): 2nd in slopestyle
Anna Valentine (Open class): 1st in halfpipe
Samantha Skoler (Girls 12-13: 2nd in Overalls

OMST 3/11-3/12 and Peace Park

Monday, March 6th, 2017

OMST Parents and Athletes,

We had our last USASA SVS events this weekend and kudos to parents and athletes for their continued support and dedication to our series. Everyone rode really well this year in all disciplines and we are lucky to have one of the best and most competitive series in the country!
Peace Park Qualifiers
As most of you know, there is a VERY large event coming to Okemo this weekend. If you are not familiar with Danny Davis, he is an Olympic snowboarder who has graced the podium in major halfpipe events including X Games, Dew Tour, and Grand Prix’s. He is also one of the most popular snowboarders in the world and is know for unrivaled style and pure snowboarding. Each year, Danny Davis and Mountain Dew host an event called Peace Park in Grand Targhee, WY which is built by Snow Park. The event is a big session featuring invited riders to throw down progressive tricks on a progressive “course”. Okemo will be hosting the only Peace Park Qualifying event in the country this weekend featuring some the country’s best am riders and invited riders. The event will take place in the Dew Zone and Halfpipe area and Snow Park will be in there building all week to create a one of kind course. This is going to be super fun and I hope everyone can drop by to watch throughout the weekend.
Weekend Training
Training will be as normal this weekend and coaches will be working with the kids on Crazy Train (as the Zone will be closed). It will be a little looser this weekend as I am sure that our OMST athletes will want to watch the Peace Park event a lot and on Sunday, the venue will be open at 12:30pm for everyone to ride and enjoy.
Nationals Picture
Nationals invites will be coming out this week and I hope that we will once again have a strong Okemo contingent representing our series in Copper.  I will be able to provide everyone who will be attending Nationals with all the details and costs when I know who is going. It’s looking like anywhere from 17-20 OMS and OMST athletes will receive invites!

OMST 3.3_3.5

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

OMST Parents and athletes,

March is here and we will have our last USASA Southern Vermont Series Friday-Sunday at Okemo. Friday 3/3 and Saturday 3/4 will be slopestyle events and Sunday 3/5 is a halfpipe doubleheader. It will be nice to finish off the competition season on home turf and it will be a fun weekend wrapping up with a Southern Vermont Series BBQ at the halfpipe on Sunday. The Okemo Light the Night Rail Jam is also this weekend and will take place on Bull Run on Saturday night at 5:30pm with registration from 3-5pm- event starts at 5:30pm This is always a fun event for competitors and spectators. To pre-register your child for this weekend’s events see links below links:
For those of you who will be competing in slope and/or pipe, you will need to meet coaches in the upstairs of the Okemo Base Lodge at 7:45am for registration each morning. Please make sure to have boards waxed with temperature appropriate wax the night before slope days and waxed plus an edge tune for pipe comp day.
If you are not competing, training on Saturday and Sunday will be as normal.

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