Welcome to U12 and U10s 2015-2016 Season

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

To those of you who are reading a blog post from me for the first time – WELCOME TO U12 and U10s!  To the rest, welcome back :)!   Closer to Thanksgiving you can expect to begin hearing from me weekly.  For now, I am reaching out to you all with some preliminary information on the season.  I will re-send this when I have more emails of new families as well.

Please read the “U12 and U10 101” document (found here: U12.10 101 2015.16 Edition) for LOTS of information including training and race schedules – this is helpful for new and returning families.  It includes information about the program, some of which has been updated for this year, as well as race schedule info.  So even if you are an old pro, PLEASE read :)! If you have any questions after reading, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

We are scheduled to begin training on Saturday, December 5th at 8:30 am.  Please note though that we do need a reasonable amount of open terrain in order to train on snow, so I will be in touch again as that date draws closer to confirm plans.  In the event that we are not able to train on snow, I will organize a dryland activity for all of the U12/10s.

Please read this entire post (and all posts) and U12.10 101 2015.16 Edition, as there is a lot of info that will be helpful for everyone – particularly, parents of first years.


Also check out the U12/10 FAQs:


Important Reminder on USSA and VARA memberships:  In order to race, every U12/10 must be a current USSA and VARA member.  If you have not registered your child for these memberships, please do so ASAP.  Both can be done online at ussa.org and vara.org, respectively.  More info on these memberships is found in the attachment.  IMPORTANT: For USSA choose, Competitor U12 or Competitor U10 (depending on your child’s age group), NOT General Member – this is not valid for competition.

Other important items:

The Annual Okemo Mountain School Ski Swap, one of OMS’ biggest fundraisers, is coming up!  To sell items in the swap, they must be dropped off November 14, 15, 18th from 10 am – 3 pm at the Sitting Bull.  The swap opens for business the following weekend, Nov 20-22 with the following hours: Nov 20 3-7 pm; Nov 21 9am – 5 pm; Nov 22 9 am – 1 pm.  I could still use some volunteers to help with the event – athletes or parents – please let me know if you are willing to help!  It would be greatly appreciated!

Okemo Mountain School Holiday Hammer Camp: The Annual OMS Holiday Hammer Camp, which this year is from December 14th-18th, is open to any athlete who was in the U12 or U10 program last winter, no first year participants.  This is a great opportunity for some extra training and a taste of ski academy life!  Registration form and more info later, but just wanted you to have the dates.  You cannot yet reserve space in the camp. Please note that the camp is a very long day for younger athletes and it may not be the best idea for them. The camp will also be staffed by other U12/10 coaches, as well as OMS coaches.  Please note: THIS IS ONLY A DAY CAMP – no housing is provided.

That’s all for now!  I will continue to post more info here and send duplicate info by email as I gather more emails of new parents.  Both new and old parents are reminded to read all communication carefully.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.  I look forward to seeing you all soon, as do all of the other coaches!!

Thanks and Think SNOW!!


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