Update on U12 and U10 training week of 12/28

Hello U12 and U10 families,

Though it is rainy today, tonight and tomorrow promise to bring cold temps that will be ideal for snowmaking AND Tuesday may bring us some real snow!!
Therefore, the mountain has given us the green light to train in groups, but according to an altered schedule.  Different age groups will train at different times to keep the number of groups out down a bit since terrain is still very limited and it will be very crowded.  The safety of the athletes continues to drive decisions.
U12 and U10s will train Monday 12/28 and Tuesday 12/29 from 11 am – 2 pm meeting at the top of the AB quad as usual at 11 am.  Please make sure your child has eaten an early lunch before training as we will not be taking a full lunch break.
We will return to our normal training schedule as soon as possible.  Please stay tuned for updates.
Another awesome update is that Okemo has purchased another new fleet of high efficiency snow guns and they have decided to install them on Wardance!!  Wardance is next to get snowmaking after current trails are resurfaced and a beginner route from the top is established.  Very exciting and thank you Okemo!!

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