U16/U19 Weekend Plan for 3/11 – 3/12

Hello everyone,

We are looking forward to this weekend. Congratulations for those who made the U16 Finals! If you want to race this weekend and are not in U16 Finals you should be signed up for Killington GTS SL on Saturday and Middlebury GTS GS on Sunday. There will be coaching coverage at those races. We will not have space for training this weekend due to the U16 Finals races here. This will be the schedule for this weekend:

Saturday 3/11– Okemo U16 Finals SL or Killington GTS SL Finals.
Sunday 3/12– Okemo U16 Finals GS or Middlebury GTS GS Finals.
Monday 3/13– Okemo U16 Finals SG.
Tuesday 3/14– Okemo U16 Finals SG.
We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
Chris Hurka

Alpine Program Director


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