U16/U19 Training 1/14 – 1/15

First I want to let everyone know that we will be having a special guest this Saturday, Ryan Cornish.  He has tuned skis for world cup and is an expert with using the recovery rollers we have at our gym here at OMS.
He will be giving tuning clinics Saturday.  Parents have a block from 10am-11am in the competition center.
U-16 and U-19 athletes will have their clinic 2-3 at the competition center.
This is of GREAT value and anyone who thinks they are master tuners, will surely still learn something.
Finally, he will be offering a trigger point rolling session at the OMS gym 3:30-4:30.  Google foam roller and you will see examples.  Totem pole sells them.
Had a great meeting today with Chris H. and Mariel today.  We compiled a schedule beyond the races on the calendar found on www.go2omara.com. They will be supported.
Here is the list, some are duplicates, lots are added on…
January 16th SL GMVS (SUGARBUSH) Mon
January 20th SG CAMP OKEMO Fri
January 21st GS MMSC (STOWE) Sat (closed 7 of us got in)
January 22nd SL MMSC (STOWE) Sun (closed 2 of us got in)
January 23rd SG OKEMO Mon
January 28th SL BOC (Bromley) or SG GORE
January 29th GS SMS (STRATTON ) aka Stratton winter sports club Sun
February 4th SL COCH (COCHRANS) Sat
February 5th SG U16 STATES MMSC (STOWE) Sun
February 6th SG U16 STATES MMSC (STOWE) Mon
February 11th SL PICO VC FINALS Sat
February 12th GS BMA (BURKE) VC FINALS Sun
February 20th SL PICO
February 26th GS U-16 STATES Woman Stratton Men Stowe
February 27th SL U-16 STATES Woman Stratton Men Stowe
Remember, training is very important especially those who are not racing for their high school.  If that is the case DON”T over race.  Stick to the initial schedule, but these are additional opportunities,  Also, we haven’t even discussed beyond February.
Few things, you MUST attend the training day of SG at OKEMO Jan 20th to race the SG at OKEMO Jan 23rd.  You MUST have SG skis.  Talk to a coach about this.  A lot are unfamiliar or maybe uncomfortable with this event, if so, talk to a coach or simply back off.  It is however mid-week, which may pose a challenge.
Those U16’s that are interested are highly encouraged.  This is because if you race the U16 SG STATE events at Stowe Feb 5th and 6th, it could help you move forward in the rankings greatly.
February 23rd SL Suicide six Thursday
February 25th SL Pico Saturday
February 26th GS Middlebury Sunday
This series is Presidents week, I’m unsure who will have that week off, but these races are available.  U-19’s, The 26th would be a great race as U-16’s have states that day.
Finally, get familiar with www.admiskiracing.com  This is the site www.vara.org sends you to when you  go to the calendar section and locate a race you want to sign up for.  Also gives roster information and more.
Really finally, all not in the Stowe GS a week from this Saturday (only 7 got in) should replace this race with the Stratton GS the 29th of January.

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