U14 Okemo Competition Center Program (First Weekend 12/3-12/4, Training/Race Calendar, Comp Center Registration)

Hello Okemo Athletes and Parents,

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We also had the amazing chance to  enjoy the World Cup at Killington, for those that were in the area. Now it is time to get geared up for the first weekend of the season.

We will meet in front of the Sitting Bull on Saturday and Sunday (12/3-12/4) at 8:15am. Please bring SL skis, if you have an older pair bring those. We may have some thin spots out there with our current warm and wet weather. The focus will be on free skiing and drills.
Some of you may have already heard that I partially tore my Achilles tendon while skiing out in Colorado with our fall on snow camp. I am hoping to be back on snow with skis on by the middle of January. My goal is to be on snow as much as possible leading up to that time, even if it is without skis on. Until then George Abraham will be running training for the U14 group on snow. On weekends we will have a larger coaching staff including George, John Watson, Tylan Calcagni, JD Hoffman, and Matt Devereux.

Accessing U14 Weekend Training and Race Calendars:
Go to (https://go2omara.com/alpine-racing/schedules/) and click on U14 Weekend Training and Racing. This calendar is for Okemo weekend athletes, those signed up for the 3 day program will get a separate email with our training plans.

Also if you have not already done, so please register with the Okemo Competition center at (https://secure.adminsports.net/okemo). Athletes must have forms filled out in order to participate in training this weekend!

As always let me know if you would like to be removed from my list or have additional emails added. I have about 60 athletes on my list with just over 30 signed up official.

Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy the rest of the week!

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