Okemo U14 Weekend Training Plan 12/17 &12/18 and End of the Year Open Race Registration

Hello Okemo U14 Athletes and Parents,

Conditions are continuing to improve here at Okemo and we are headed into a few cold days that will make for some great snow making temperatures! From now on all U14’s should plan on meeting at the gate shack/yurt at the bottom of Wardance at 8:15.

Saturday 17th- GS Drills: we will be skiing brushes on GS skis. We will do an apex course, and progress to a regular brush course using the same track as the apex course. Afternoon directed free ski and drills.

Sunday 18th- SL Skills Quest Drills: Free ski with lane change, pivot Slips, one skis, and pole jumper (standing first and then in a low tuck). If space permits we will also do a panel SL course with full gates. Afternoon directed free skiing and Drills.

As always you can check the calendar at  go2omara.com, for a quick reference of the training/race plan. This is subject to change, but will be updated if and when adjustments need to be made.

Our first race of the season the End of the Year Open 12/30, is approaching! Make sure to go to https://adminskiracing.com/ to register. You will have an option to register as an Okemo athlete, which will give you a discounted registration fee since all of our athletes already have passes.

Let me know if anyone has questions, enjoy the rest of the week!

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