U12 and U10 Weekend Update 2/15 and 2/16 plus Pres Week

Hello All,
Awesome weekend this past weekend!!
First we had the SL camp at Quechee, which was a blast for all that attended – the athletes had a chance to meet new friends from other mountains and train on a wonderland of SL courses!
Then we had two great races:
The U10s had a wonderful day back at Quechee, capturing most of the top 10 for boys, as well as five of the top 15 for girls!  Josh Rosenberg led the crew with a gold, followed by Freddie Brogden, Joe Flaherty, John Kelleher, Ryan Thomson, Will Marra, and Chris Amato, with Peter Visco and Campbell Gerrard just out of the medals.  Merina Visnic brought home silver and Abby Kelleher the tenth place medal joined by Keira Laurion, Katie Evanko, and Reilly Shea also in the top 15.  The U10s also brought home the golden helmet – waahoo!!
The U12s had a great day at Suicide Six as well!  The girls were led by Lizzie DeGraw and Samantha Burton in 2nd and 3rd – Caitlin Slaminko, Emilie Waters, and Emma Nelson also brought home hardware and we had another 4 girls place in the top 15 as well!  While Drew Visnic was the only boy to bring home a medal, it was a silver one, and we also had Brennan Hynes and Douglas Beney make the front page in a tough field at a tough race.  We lost the Boot back to Suicide Six, but only by one point, and all of the coaches were very proud of how well the U12s skied as a group!
We have training only, no races, for both the U12s and U10s this weekend and next, as well as mid-week training during President’s week.  Each day will be according to our normal schedule. Please refer to the schedule below for training info.  The day off next week is subject to change due to weather, but for now we are planning on Wednesday.
Saturday 2/15: GS skis.  ***Also don’t forget the OMS Winter Festival from 7-10 pm in the Clock Tower Base Lodge***
Sunday 2/16:SL skis
Monday 2/17: SL skis
Tuesday 2/18:  GS Skis
Wednesday 2/19: DAY OFF
Thursday 2/20:SL skis
Friday 2/21: SL skis
Saturday 2/22: SL skis
Sunday 2/23: GS skis
On SL skis days, we will be training a variety of stubbies, full gates, Kombi courses, duals, and practicing skills assessment skills.  If your child has shin guards, they should wear them everyday.  Pole guards and chin bars can be worn too if your child has them.
Also, U12 families please note that a decision was just made last weekend to have the second MVC U12 SL race also be a Stubby SL race; however it will have combinations in it.  This change was precipitated by VARA.  We will still be training some full gate SL, but will also be focusing on turn shape in the stubbies to be sure that translates into good skiing in the full gates.
That’s all for now!  See you Saturday!

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