U12 and U10 Weekend Update 2/14 and 2/15 plus President’s Week

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

What a great weekend we just had in the U12 and U10 world!
First, we had the SL Camp at Quechee, which was an awesome training opportunity and a ton of fun for all of those that could attend!  The athletes had a great time meeting athletes from other MVC mountains and training on lots of different drill courses.
Then we went into two amazing days of racing at Quechee!
The U10s had a great day on Saturday!  Merina Visnic captured her second gold of the season leading an impressive performance of Okemo U10 girls who took 7 out of the top 15 places!  Way to go Aoibhin Murdoch (3rd), Nina Garbarino (4th), Keira Laurion (10th), Tia Spenlinhauer (11th), Hayden Nelson (12th) and Abby Kelleher (14th).  The boys were also able to take an impressive 5 out of the top 15 in a very tough field of U10 boys.  Nice work Michael Amato (9th), Keiran Shea (10th), Gabe Dawkins (12th), Cole Firstbrook (14th), and Owen MacDonald (15th).
The U12s then went on to have an awesome day at Quechee themselves winning the BOOT for the second race in a row this season!  Katie Killian and Erin Kelleher both brought home medals, 3rd and 7th respectively.  Jessica Bradford (12th) and Riley Peters (14th) also both made top 15 and the first page!  The boys had an incredibly impressive sweep of the top 6 places and brought home lots of hardware.  In 1st – 6th respectively, we had Brennan Hynes, Josh Rosenberg, Drew Visnic, Joe Belenardo, John Kelleher, and Seth Tobin.  Ryan Thomson (11th) and Henri Lavion (15th) also made top 15!  Nice work U12s!!
Upcoming Training:
We have training only, no races, for both the U12s and U10s this weekend and next, as well as mid-week training during President’s week.  Each day will be according to our normal schedule. Please refer to the schedule below for training info.  The day off next week is subject to change due to weather, but for now we are planning on Wednesday.  Please note also that, especially for Valentine Campers, this is a long training block, so don’t hesitate to have your athlete take an extra day off or two if they need it.  Also, it is fine if you athlete has to miss training next week due to school or your work schedule.
Saturday 2/14: GS skis.  ***Also don’t forget the OMS Winter Festival from 7-10 pm in the Clock Tower Base Lodge***
Sunday 2/15: SL skis
Monday 2/16: GS skis
Tuesday 2/17:  SL Skis
Wednesday 2/18: DAY OFF
Thursday 2/19: SL skis
Friday 2/20: GS skis
Saturday 2/21: GS skis
Sunday 2/22: SL skis
From here through the end of the year on SL skis days, U12s will begin to have the opportunity to train some full gate SL to help the second years transition into U14s.  Therefore, if your child has a chin guard and pole guards, they can wear them.  If they do not, don’t worry we will always have stubby options available.  Shin guards can be worn by any athlete.  Please note chin guards should be removed when not training SL.
Hope to see you all at the OMS Winter Festival on Saturday!

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