U12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/18 and 1/19

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
Warning – this post is FULL of info – please read it all the way through, very carefully!
Despite the challenging weather this weekend, we got in some great training!  While training in the “r-word” isn’t always fun, it is character building and good preparation as sometimes we have to race in the rain too.  If anyone hasn’t read the recent article in Ski Racing Mag quoting USST member Mikaela Shiffrin and talking about embracing diversity check it out by clicking here.
On Saturday the athletes impressed the coaches with the incredible improvement they have been making in their skills – particularly their one-ski skiing.  Both stubby and full gate SL skills are coming along nicely as well.  The full gate SL course involved some simple combinations so that athletes could begin to learn how to ski those.
Sunday we moved into GS and made use of the lower part of Wardance to mimic terrain our athletes will see in upcoming races.  Our U10s had the option to ski a stubby gate GS course to work them into gate training in a nice progression.
Now for the coming weekend’s training…
We will train GS both Saturday 1/18 and Sunday 1/19.  We will not be training on Monday, but the U10s do have their first race.  See below…
Looking ahead to next weekend:
Saturday 1/25: U12s will race GS at Killington (more info to come as always) and U10s will train SL at home.
Sunday 1/26: 2002 U12s will attend the Super G camp at Okemo (see info below); 2003 U12s and U10s will train SL.
Details for Monday, January 20th U10 GS race at Pico:
I will send this info separately as I am still waiting on some details from Pico.  For now, plan on a 7:30 am registration in the basement of their base lodge and an 8:15 am meeting time with coaches and stay tuned for more info tomorrow or the next day! 
In the meantime – check out helpful race day info at the very end of the post!  Good review for even seasoned parents!
Details for Sunday, January 26th: U12 Super G camp at Okemo – SECOND YEAR U12s (2002 birth year) ONLY.
The info for our SG camp was sent by email, which includes cost, registration info, and the days’ schedule.  I need to have a confirmed list for this event, so PLEASE EMAIL ME BY Sunday 1/19 TO CONFIRM YOUR 2002 YOB U12 will attend.  If I don’t hear from you, I won’t plan for them to be at the camp and will assume they are doing regular training that day.  If your child isn’t comfortable with attending or does not want to, this is totally fine!  You can just email me to let them know they are opting out.  But please all parents with athletes who were born in 2002 email me to opt IN or OUT of the Super G camp by Sunday, January 19th!!
Remember these save the dates:
Friday, February 7th:  MVC U12 and U10 Slalom Camp at Quechee.  This is tons of fun each year!  I will send out an email requesting sign ups to enter a lottery in a week or so, but just wanted to get it on your calendar.   Each year the camp fills very quickly, so this year we will do a lottery system.  You will have a 48 hour window to enter the lottery and then participants will be selected randomly.  I anticipate being able to bring at 20-30 athletes. Please do not email me now to sign up!
February 10 – 14th: OMS Valentine Victory Camp – This is similar in format to the Holiday Hammer Camp, but will be open to all U12/10s including first years.  I will send out A TON of info on this next week (didn’t want info overload today), but the basics are that it is 3 days of on-hill training with academic study halls and dryland training at OMS and 2 days of full day on hill training.  The cost is $425 for the week. Again, just wanted to give you a heads up on this – more info and sign ups to follow! Please do not email me now to sign up!
February Break Week: As a part of the regular Okemo Competition Center program, we will have training the week of February 17th with one day off dependent on weather – likely Wednesday if weather is good the whole week.  There is no extra charge for this week, but there is also no academic or dryland portion – they are just regular training days like weekends.  If your child does not have school break that week or you have to work, do not worry – it is definitely not mandatory to attend and partial week is fine.
That’s all for now!!
Think snow,
Helpful Race Day Info to Know or Review!
1) U10 Races are run in bib order for both runs.  There is no change to the running order for second run.  U10 girls will go first, then U10 boys.   Please help your child plan accordingly to make it to the start in plenty of time for their run (about 40-50 bib numbers ahead of time is good).  First and second runs usually run pretty much back to back since we don’t re-set for the second run.  Awards are by best single run time. 
2) U12 races are also run in bib order for first run, but the second run is run in reverse bib order within gender.  U12 girls go first, then U12 boys.  Again, they need to plan ahead to be on time for their run.  Courses may be re-set for U12s so they need to listen for directions on second run inspection.  Awards will be by combined time, but even DNFs and DSQs from first run will get a second run.
3) Parents are not allowed on course during inspection or near the starting gate, but are welcome up at the top of the course anywhere outside of the designated “line-up” area.  Any parents who are skiing are asked to help in the portage of clothing to the bottom.
5) We will attempt to continue the MVC U12/10 post-race free-skiing program again this year (won’t happen at Pico on Monday 1/20 though due to the holiday and available terrain) – to promote more time free-sking (the key to ALL your children’s success!), a love of free-skiing, and getting to know other kids and coaches from other mountains.  This will happen at all of our GS races.  We ask that all racers return to the finish area at the end of the second run (there will be reminder announcements) to be divided up into groups to go free-ski for an hour – they should have their jackets and pants back on over GS suits at the point.  The groups will ski for about 45 minutes to an hour. Awards may happen before the free-ski or just after depending on the venue.  Your child is then free to go!  It is going to be a really fun way to make sure that kids don’t lose that precious free-skiing time on race days and to meet new friends!
6) Skis should always be tuned and race ready!

7) Put your child’s name in EVERYTHING! Pants, jackets, sweatshirts, helmets – everything! Also having some kind of identifying thing on pants (since most are all black!) is a great idea. I  have seen colorful ribbon tied on to the pants, which is great at helping to identify them.

8) On a cold day, I suggest bringing some extra clothes to have at the bottom of the course with you in case their clothes don’t make it down from the top right away.

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