U12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/10 and 1/11

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

I hope you are all enjoying the start of 2015!  We had a great time training with your athletes over winter break and are looking forward to getting back on the hill this weekend!  LOTS of info here – please read carefully!!!!

Plan for the weekend:

Saturday 1/10: Both U10s and U12s on SL skis.  Skills Quest and Stubby SL training.

Sunday 1/11: U10s are home training – usual schedule – GS skis.  U12s are at Quechee for Skills Assessment on SL skis (see more info below on the assessment in general and info for Quechee).

Looking ahead:

Saturday 1/17: GS skis for both U10 and U12

Sunday 1/18: GS skis for both U10 and U12

We do not train on MLK Monday (1/19) – if you are able to stick around that day, enjoy it freeskiing with your athlete!


What is the Skills Assessment?

The Skills Assessment is a competition in which certain tasks are performed by the athletes and they are judged on the completion of the tasks.  The tasks are meant to challenge fundamental skills of skiing.  It is a program that was developed to help emphasize the importance of skill development over race results in the younger age groups.  It is an event with as much importance as a race (if not more) and we highly encourage attendance by all of our athletes. It will be used as the tie breaker in the qualification for U12 end of season events (see U12.10 101 2014.15 Edition for more info on that).

Details for Sunday 1/11 Skills Assessment at Quechee:

Registration – basement of the Quechee base lodge beginning at 7:30 am.

Entry fee – $30.

Your athlete will get his or her lift ticket and bib here – remind the athletes to put their bibs on right away and not take them off!

Parent tickets ($22) and sibling tickets ($18) and available at registration also.  You will be able to see some of the task stations without skiing.

Athletes will meet at 8:15 am at the base of the lift for an athlete meeting.  They will be divided into groups of about 10 athletes with a lead coach. Each group will rotate through the 4 tasks according to a time schedule that will be distributed to group leader coaches on Sunday morning.  Each group will complete 1 task each hour from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm.  Each task should only take about 15 minutes per group and so extra time can be spent warming up, freeskiing, or having something to eat.  Again, there will be a set time schedule for each group and the lead coach will let them know what times they are expected at each station.  Lead coaches don’t necessarily have to keep their group together the entire time, just let them know where to be when and meet them at each task.  Athletes are highly encouraged to complete the tasks in their GS suits, but one is not required.

Following the last group’s completion of the last task, there will be an untimed dual set for the athletes to run while awards are tabulated.  There will be medals for the top ten boys and girls and the awards will be given out between the lodge and the bottom of the lift.  The day should be wrapped up by 2:30/3 pm.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Quechee: The Taftsville Bridge has re-opened so it is now easier to get to Quechee!

Take 100 North (the right hand turn before Jackson Gore). In Plymouth, take a right onto 100A. When this dead ends at Rt 4, take a right. This will go through Bridgewater and Woodstock – watch for cops in both towns! The speed limit goes down to 25 twice – obey the speed limit. Continue through Woodstock and after a few miles as you come to the town of Taftsville (don’t blink) you will see a big red covered bridge with a green roof on the left.  Take a left to get to the bridge.  Go across it and head straight up the hill.  Follow this road for a mile or two until you see Quechee on your left.  You can either park before the white building (base lodge) or after it.   It takes about 50 minutes to get to Quechee.


Helpful Race Day Info to Know or Review – (some of this doesn’t apply to the Skills Assessment)

1) U10 Races are run in bib order for both runs. There is no change to the running order for second run. U10 girls will go first, then U10boys.   Please help your child plan accordingly to make it to the start in plenty of time for their run (about 40-50 bib numbers ahead of time is good). First and second runs usually run pretty much back to back since we don’t re-set for the second run. Awards are by best single run time.

2) U12 races are also run in bib order for first run, but the second run is run in reverse bib order within gender.  U12 girls go first, then U12 boys.  Again, they need to plan ahead to be on time for their run.  Courses may be re-set for U12s so they need to listen for directions on second run inspection.  Awards will be by combined time, but even DNFs and DSQs from first run will get a second run.

3) Parents are not allowed on course during inspection or near the starting gate, but are welcome up at the top of the course anywhere outside of the designated “line-up” area. Any parents who are skiing are asked to help in the portage of clothing to the bottom.

5) We typically have fun events just after the race is over to keep the kids out skiing and enjoying the mountain – these may be fun duals, scavenger hunts, or freeskiing in groups.  We ask that all racers return to the finish area at the end of the second run (there will be reminder announcements) – they should have their jackets and pants back on over GS suits at the point. The activity will last for about 45 minutes to an hour. Awards may happen before the activity or just after depending on the venue. Your child is then free to go! It is going to be a really fun way to make sure that kids don’t lose that precious free-skiing time on race days and to meet new friends.

6) Skis should always be tuned and race ready!

7) Put your child’s name in EVERYTHING! Pants, jackets, sweatshirts, helmets – everything! Also having some kind of identifying thing on pants (since most are all black!) is a great idea. I  have seen colorful ribbon tied on to the pants, which is great at helping to identify them.

8) On a cold day, I suggest bringing some extra clothes to have at the bottom of the course with you in case their clothes don’t make it down from the top right away.

9) You can also always usually find race info on the VARA website by accessing the individual race through the calendar and downloading the fact sheet or race announcement!

If you have read through this note and the attachments carefully and still have questions, please let me know!



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