U12 and U10 Weekend of 3/8 and 3/9

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
Great weekend of training and racing!  Thank you to all of you who stuck it out for a long day at Middlebury – if only it had be Suicide Six with the bar overlooking the slopes….. :)!
In all seriousness though the Skills Assessments are an important piece of your athlete’s training and development and while we are definitely going to continue to refine the process of when and where they are done, they definitely have had a positive impact on your athlete’s skiing! So thank you for your patience!
OK so we have a busy weekend and a busy next few weeks.  I am copying information from my last communication so that you have it all here.
Saturday 3/8: U10s – MVC U10 Festival (GS camp format AM; timed Dual with awards in PM) – details below;  U12s GS skis at Okemo
Sunday 3/9: U10s fun day at home on twin tips; U12s – MVC U12 Festival at Killington (AM Dual GS with a PM pro tour style run-off) – details below
Saturday 3/15: Race Demo Day – we will follow the usual training schedule for the day and will do Devo Olympics in addition to demo.  This will be the last day of regular weekend training.
Sunday 3/16: Parent-Athlete Race and End of the Year Awards – we will not follow the usual training schedule – time details TBD.
Saturday and Sunday 3/22 and 3/23:  Mid-Vermont has been invited to bring 20 girls and 20 boys to Southern Vermont Council’s U12 “World Championships” end of the year races.  They are at Magic and Williard, one each day.  MVC will determine the 20 girls and 20 boys based on the results from the AM dual at the MVC U12 Festival on 3/9.  If your athlete finishes in the top 20 for either gender, you will receive more details for the day at that point.
Sunday 3/30: Matt Hartnett Memorial Race at Killington – this is an open race for U10 – U14 racers. There will be a few coaches there, but you would have to sign your athletes up for this yourself as this is not a regular MVC race.  It is a fun day for anyone who wants to join!  The link for online entry can be found here: http://www.vara.org/race/matt-harnett-memorial-open-u14-u8/307/
Quechee Details:
Registration is in the basement of the Lodge from 7 – 8:30 am.  Entry fee is $30 cash or check.  We will meet the kids at 8:30 am outside of the Base Lodge to do the “Opening Ceremonies/Parade of Mountains” and then break up into groups for AM training.  We will train in mixed mountain groups from 9 – 11 am rotating to different stations on the mountain.  At 11 am the athletes will break for a quick lunch and then head back out for inspection.  We will meet the kids at the BOTTOM of the lift at 11:30 am to go for an inspection of the dual course.  The set will be around 12-15m, which is similar to their GS sets, so GS skis are best.  The dual race will start at 12:30.  Each athlete will take one run on each course and their best time will count for awards.  Athletes should hang around and watch the entire race as we will do a Closing Parade of Mountains and then have awards.
Killington Details:
Registration is from 7 – 8:30 am.  Registration will be in the Killington Ski Club Building which is just up the hill to the right from the K1 Lodge, which is the lodge that is at the very end of the access road by the K1 gondola.  The registration will be on the second floor in the Conclusion Room – When you are looking at the ski club, instead of going in the front door, walk around to the right in the back of the building and head up the stairs and in the back door. That will lead you straight into registration.  Entry fee is $40 (not 30 – they are doing t-shirts and additional awards) – CASH or CHECK (pay to KMS) ONLY!! You can also pre-pay online at adminsports.com.
I recommend getting there early!  Killington is a busier place than everywhere else we go!    Note that you MUST keep your stuff in the K1 Lodge – not in the Ski Club.  Please note: Parent tickets are available for $50 at Registration only – cash or check to KMS only.  They are for parents only and only 2 per family.  They may also stop selling them at the end of registration.
The race is on Lower Highline – not Bunny Buster!  Lower Highline is visible on foot – the finish area will be right near the ski club.
We will meet the kids at 8:20 am outside of the Base Lodge to go for inspection and free runs.  The race begins at 9:30 am.  The race is a DUAL so two courses will run at once.  The set is similar to our GS sets, so again GS skis.
In the morning, each athlete will take a run on each course (red and blue course).  They will take their runs back-to-back with no real break in between.  Their times from each course will be combined just as their first and second run times are combined at a regular race to determine their results for the Dual.  The top ten combined times for each gender will receive awards during the awards later in the afternoon.
Additionally, the top 4 male and female times from each course (so a total of 8 females and 8 males) will advance to a “run-off” bracket.  For the run-off an athlete only needs to be the top time in one course, so it won’t matter if they have fallen in the other course.   The athletes in the run-off go head-to-head against the other athletes of the same gender on each course.  The one with the best combined time between the two courses advances to the next round.  The run off part of the day will go quickly and is a LOT of fun to watch, so please plan to stay and cheer on our athletes in the run off even if your athlete isn’t.  We used to have an open race called the Sunburst Open that ran in this format and it was SO FUN!
Following the run-off, awards will be presented for several things – top ten from the AM Dual, top 3 from the run-off, AND top 10 from the combined Skills Assessments (pole plant, left one ski, and right one ski).  I know it e should be wrapped up by about 3 pm – maybe even earlier.
Driving Directions:
Take 100 North (the right hand turn before Jackson Gore).  In Plymouth, take a right onto 100A.  When this dead ends at Rt 4, take a right.  This will go through Bridgewater and Woodstock – watch for cops in both towns! The speed limit goes down to 25 twice – obey the speed limit.  Continue through Woodstock and after a few miles as you come to the town of Taftsville (don’t blink) you will see a big red covered bridge with a green roof on the left.  Take a left to get to the bridge.  Go across it and head straight up the hill.  Follow this road for a mile or two until you see Quechee on your left.  You can either park before the white building (base lodge) or after it.   It takes about 45-50 minutes to get to Quechee.
From Ludlow, take a right onto Rt 100 North by old Bella Luna (new Harry’s).  Follow this until it intersects with Rt. 4 (watch out for cops in Plymouth when the speed limit drops!).  Take a left onto Rt. 4.  Go past the gondola on the side of the road and keep going until you go up a big hill.  The access road will be on your left.  Follow it all the way to the top to the K1 Lodge.  It takes about 35-40 minutes to get there.
That’s all!!  See you this weekend!

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