U12 and U10 Training Weekend of 12/19 and 12/20

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Once again welcome to any new families just receiving information from me for the first time!  I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend.  Temperatures continue to be challenging and this week was tough here, but there is hope in sight with some cold weather this weekend!!

That being said, we are in a holding pattern at the moment.  I am waiting for the go ahead from Okemo to hold training this weekend.  We may hold training only on Sunday to allow the mountain time to get some good snow making in Friday into Saturday so that we have some more open terrain to accommodate our large number of athletes.  They are working as hard as they can to make skiing great for us and all skiers and riders!  There are many other programs at mountains in the East that haven’t been able to train at all, so I am very grateful to Okemo!   I will send an update tomorrow, but wanted to get this out since I know many of you are probably curious.

***Friday training: Anyone who has signed their children up for Friday training (you must sign up for the “3 day” option with the Comp Center) will receive separate communication on this each week.  Please let me know if you have signed up, but didn’t hear from me last week.

Below is information copied from previous emails – please review this especially if you are new to the program or hearing from me for the first time.

A few reminders and important info:

1) Please read U12.10 101 2015.16 Edition for LOTS of information including training and race schedules – this is helpful for new and returning families.  It includes information about the program, some of which has been updated for this year, as well as race schedule info.  So even if you are an old pro, PLEASE read :)! If you have any questions after reading, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

2) You can find this and every email I send on the OMARA blog – go2omara.com.  U12/10 announcements are at this link specifically: https://go2omara.com/category/announcements/u10u12-announcements/ Also check out the U12/10 FAQs: https://go2omara.com/alpine-racing/u10u12/devo-program-faqs/

3) USSA and VARA memberships:  In order to race, every U12/10 must be a current USSA and VARA member.  If you have not registered your child for these memberships, please do so ASAP.  Both can be done online at ussa.org and vara.org, respectively.  More info on these memberships is found in the attachment.  IMPORTANT: For USSA choose, Competitor U12 or Competitor U10 (depending on your child’s age group), NOT General Member – this is not valid for competition.

4) Winter Break Schedule: We will train during winter break. December 19 and 20 are a normal weekend.  The days for winter break training are as follows: December 26-29 and December 31. Depending on what happens with the End of Year Open (see next item) we may or may not have training on the 30th.  Regular weekend training picks back up on January 2.  We will train according to our normal daily schedule during this time, unless I tell you otherwise. If your child can’t make it every day, it is not a big deal – I know many of you work and can’t be here the whole time, that school breaks differ, and that you have holiday obligations.

5) End of the Year Open: There is an open GS race for U14 and U12s at Okemo on December 30th. You must enter your child yourself unlike the rest of the normal season races. Registration is not open yet, but you can check here to find out when it is: http://www.vara.org/race/okemo-end-of-year-open-gs/746/.   Hopefully, temps drop or snow comes so that this race can be held, but please note that it is not a given at this point. Your child must be current with USSA and VARA to enter. Please be aware that if your child is still a U10 (7, 8, or 9 years old by Dec 31) they are not eligible. I also ask that you do not register your child if they are new to U12s (as in just moving up from Hopefuls or joining the program) – this race will be very intimidating for them and not a good intro to the year!  Racers who aren’t current with VARA will be kicked out of the race at the deadline – so get current!

6) Informational U10 and U12 Meeting – We will be scheduling a meeting for U10 and U12 families so that you can come and meet coaches off the hill and learn more about the program.  We are going to hold of on having this until winter break to try and make it more convenient for everyone to attend as attendance in mid-December has been low in past years.  Please look for more info later.

That’s all for now!  Both new and old parents are reminded to read all communication carefully.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.



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