U12 and U10 Training Weekend of 1/16 and 1/17 + Parent Meeting

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
Hope you all are having great weeks so far.  It is finally feeling like winter here….14 degrees when I was out earlier.  Great snowmaking weather!!!  We also got a few inches of natural snow yesterday, so things are looking great!
Plan for the weekend:
Saturday 1/16: SL skis for both U10 and U12
Sunday 1/17: GS skis for both U10 and U12
We do not train on MLK Monday (1/18) – if you are able to stick around that day, enjoy it freeskiing with your athlete!
On Saturday 1/16, please join us for the U10 and U12 Parent Info Meeting at 4 pm at the Jackson Gore Cornerstone Room (on the right looking up at the mountain under the archway near the Spring House).  This will be a chance to meet the coaches, including myself, get some information on the upcoming races and events, and ask any questions you might have.
Looking ahead:
Saturday 1/23: Both U10s and U12s on GS skis. 
Sunday 1/24: U10s are home training on GS skis.  The U12s are scheduled to race GS at Pico.  Please hold your questions and stay tuned for LOTS of info on this race.  I will send very detailed instructions in next week’s email.
Other info and upcoming events:
Races:  Races will begin for U10s and U12s within the next few weekends.  Please refer to the schedule in the U12 and U10 101 document attached again here for your convenience. Please note though that some other mountains are not “out of the woods” as far as getting trails open as usual for this time of year, so there may be some further changes to the schedule. The week of each race I send A TON of info, including instructions for the day, where to go and when to be there, and even driving directions.  So please hold your questions until after reading information for each specific race. U12 and U10 101 has a lot of helpful general race day info.
U12 Super G Camp, Sunday, January 31: I will also send details on this as we draw closer to the date, but please note that this is for second year U12s only, as in athletes born in 2004.  The event is at Okemo and will be an all day event that requires an entry fee.  Athletes are broken up into groups with athletes from other mountains and they cycle through various stations that work on SG skills.  There is no race contested.  Athletes do not need SG skis and in fact must use their regular GS skis.
U10 and U12 SL Camp, Friday, February 5th: This event is at Quechee and is open to all U10s and U12s; however, since space is limited we do a lottery of interested athletes to decide who can attend – sometimes it works out that everyone can.  The day proceeds much like a race day in that you must drive your athlete to Quechee, go through registration, and drive them home.  However, instead of racing, athletes are broken into groups with athletes and coaches from other mountains and they proceed through a variety of gate and drill stations that train SL fundamentals. In the afternoon there is a dual stubby SL set for the athletes to go head to head with one another (no timing).  The event is $30.  I will send much more info on this later including info on how to sign up for the lottery.  It is a very fun event, but please note it is in no way mandatory. You cannot yet sign up for the lottery.
One more reminder – please remember to be sure your child is a current member of USSA and VARA!

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