U12 and U10 Training 1/2 and 1/3

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time celebrating tonight and that the new year brings much joy and happiness to you all!
One joyful thing the New Year is bringing us is colder temperatures, which certainly is very exciting!!!  Even more exciting is that the mountain has chosen to dedicate a massive amount of snowmaking power to Wardance for the entire weekend to take advantage of the absolutely ideal snow making weather.  They will be blowing snow non-stop all weekend on Wardance to cover the trail from side to side and lay down a base that will carry us into the Spring.  A huge thank you to Okemo for doing this for us!  They could be making snow on another trail, but have chosen to help us in racing!  Wardance should open full width and fully functional by Tuesday of this coming week.  U12 and U10s will begin training on Wardance the following weekend as appropriate for each group’s development and skill level.
There is no training tomorrow 1/1 – Happy New Year!  For this weekend, 1/2 and 1/3, we will be training according to regular schedule, meeting at the usual meeting spot, both days.  8:30-10:30 am/12 – 2 pm, top of the AB Quad.  We will move on to GS skis both days for freeskiing and drills that will help the athletes transition into longer radius turns.  If your child only has one pair of skis, then that is the pair for them!  Just please make sure they are tuned if they have been skiing on them all week.
Looking ahead….The U12 Skills Assessment on January 10th at Quechee has been postponed.  I will send more info, such as any possible reschedule dates, as soon as I have them.  If by some chance the event can be held with the change in weather, I will let you know as soon as possible on that too.  However, as of now Quechee isn’t scheduled to even open at all until Jan 8.
Once again, Happy New Year!!

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