U10 and U12 Weekend Update 1/25 and 1/26

Hello U12 and U10 Families,
First of all congratulations to the U10 team for brining home the Golden Helmet from Monday’s GS race at Pico!!  All of the coaches were very proud of our U10s for skiing so well and having so much fun!  Lots of smiles – love to see it!
**If anyone would up with the wrong pair of skis on Monday after Pico’s race, let me know.  A Quechee skier lost their 150 or 154 cm Rossi skis with a Henderson’s sticker.  If you mistakenly have those, let me know.
We have a lot going on this weekend and over the course of the next few weeks.  In an effort to ensure that all info gets conveyed clearly and is read completely, I will be sending separate communication regarding the upcoming U10/12 Slalom Camp (Feb 7th) and the OMS Valentine Camp (Feb 10-14) later this week. For now, we focus on this weekend – please read the whole way through this post very carefully!
Saturday 1/25: All U12s race GS at Killington (see details below).  U10s will be training at home according to normal schedule.  SL skis please.
Sunday 1/26: 2002 YOB U12s who signed up for it will be at the Super G camp (see details below).  All other U12s and U10s will be training according to normal schedule.  GS skis please.
Killington U12 GS Race: Saturday 1/25:
Registration will begin at 7:00 AM and end at 8:30 am.  Registration will be in the Killington Ski Club Building which is just up the hill to the right from the K1 Lodge, which is the lodge that is at the very end of the access road by the K1 gondola.  The registration will be on the second floor in the Conclusion Room – When you are looking at the ski club, instead of going in the front door, walk around to the right in the back of the building and head up the stairs and in the back door. That will lead you straight into registration.  Entry fee is $30 – CASH or CHECK (pay to KMS) ONLY!!  Bibs will be handed out at registration – remind your child right away and instruct them not to remove it. Have your child either go up to the registration table on their own – let’s get our athletes more involved in the process of race day!
I recommend getting there early!  Killington is a busier place than everywhere else we go!    Note that you MUST keep your stuff in the K1 Lodge – not in the Ski Club.  Please note: Parent tickets are available for $50 at Registration only – cash or check to KMS only.  They are for parents only and only 2 per family.  They may also stop selling them at the end of registration.
Apparently there were some issues at Pico surrounding parent tickets – if you happen to hold a pass that is good at a sister mountain of Killington’s, which would entitle you to a day ticket you must go to K1 GUEST Services to redeem this ticket.  They will not give you a free parent ticket at registration – KSC/KMS actually has to purchase these from the mtn and it isn’t their place to give it out for free.  I was told that Killington and Okemo parents made a scene over this issue at Pico – I sincerely hope that this is not the case.
Remember that most everyone you will come into contact on a race day is a volunteer and they are volunteering their time so that your child can have a fantastic race day.  Please treat them with respect – if you have an issue with a race volunteer being disrespectful to you or your child, let me know so that I can handle it through the proper channels.
The coaches will meet the kids outside of the base lodge at 8:10 AM to head to the course for inspection and a free run. Please be sure that they are on time – the race trail is not right outside of the lodge so it is imperative they are on time to go for inspection.  The race will be on Bunny Buster, which is most directly accessed by the Snowdon Quad or Snowdon Triple lift (whichever is running – quad at 8 am and triple at 9am) which you will get to by going under the K1 gondola and continuing straight until you come to either one (the triple is first and the quad a bit further).  Once over there, the best way to lap on the course will be to ride the t-bar.
The race is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am. New for this year there will be a re-set and second run inspection for the U12s.  We are aiming for a 12 pm second run inspection time and a 1 pm start time.  Athletes should listen to their coaches for directions on where to be when!  Additionally, Bunny Buster is a far way from the Lodge – remind your kids manage their time.
Second run will be in reverse bib order within gender.  So last girl to go first run goes first second run. Same with the boys.
Awards will be 45 minutes after the completion of the first run.  Also new for this year for U12s, awards will be based on best combined time. Encourage your children to go skiing after their second run – freeskiing on new and varied terrain is a great way to improve racing skills!!
Driving Directions: From Ludlow, take a right onto Rt 100 North by old Bella Luna (new Harry’s).  Follow this until it intersects with Rt. 4 (watch out for cops in Plymouth when the speed limit drops!).  Take a left onto Rt. 4.  Go past the gondola on the side of the road and keep going until you go up a big hill.  The access road will be on your left.  Follow it all the way to the top to the K1 Lodge.  It takes about 35-40 minutes to get there.
U12 Super G Camp at Okemo Sunday 1/26:
***Remember that you had to sign your child up for this with me and your child has to be born in 2002 to participate.***
Athletes should wear their GS suits like a race day and be on their GS skis for this event.
Just like race day, there will be a registration in the upstairs of the Competition Center.  WE NEED A FEW PARENT VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH REGISTRATION – please email Eric Evans (eevans@okemo.com) and me if you can help!  It would only be for a little over an hour in the morning.
Registration is from 7:15-8:15 am.  Entry fee for the camp will be $30 for Okemo racers ($40 for others).  Athletes should register and get their bib (they have bibs even though it isn’t a race) and then meet in the basement of the Summit Lodge for the camp meeting at 9 am sharp – be early.

They will be with the camp all morning, have lunch from about 11:45-12:30 and then be back with the camp until 3 pm.  Much easier logistically than a typical race day.
That’s all for now.  Again look for separate info about SL camp and Valentine Camp.

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