U10 and U12 training 12/30

Hello U10 and U12 Families,

Athletes were dismissed from training today at about 1 pm due to the fact that almost all lifts were down due to high winds at the summit and the massive crowds of people skiing on lower World Cup created a very unsafe situation.
Training was not cancelled from the beginning of the day, despite rumors that circulated, although coaches did advise athletes and parents who were at the meeting spot at 11 am that there were several lifts down and that skiing would not be ideal.  Some chose to leave upon hearing this.
I apologize for last minute changes in plans, but given the changing status of the lifts decisions had to be made on the fly.  All athletes should be home or have meet up with parents by now.
For tomorrow, Wednesday 12/30, we will be doing the same alternate schedule again of 11 am – 2 pm with no lunch break. SL skis please.  It looks like all lifts will be able to function properly by 11 am as the wind will be calmer and the snow/freezing rain will have stopped by morning.  Therefore, we should be able to access much more terrain and have a productive training session.  We will decide tomorrow afternoon what the schedule will be for Thursday.  Hopefully we can return to a normal schedule.
Thank you again for your patience through the weather challenges,

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