Operation Thank You and USSA Club Day

15_USSA_NationalClubDay-3Thanks so much to all those who have volunteered and if anyone else is able to drop baked goods, Valentine treats etc. off at the Comp Center tomorrow that would be great.

We looked at the weather this morning and it does not look good as far as delivering bags of goodies to the lifts Sunday morning.  We now have a plan in place that will allow the kids to personally meet up with members of the Operations Staff and  pass along their appreciation.  

We have little shopping bags and stickers if any of the kids are interested in decorating a bag tomorrow just have them stop by upstairs at the comp center after training. Also thanks to those of you already putting your contributions in bags. The kids are also more than welcome to bring their own decorations, or draw pictures on the bags if you have any supplies lying around.

Our plan is to meet at the Competition Center at 4.30 and have kids greet the 50 or more lift operators prior to their 4.45 meeting at SnowStars.  We also hope to use the opportunity for photos with the kids.

Again, thanks so much for all of your participation.

Julia, Karyn & Allison

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