OMST 12.26_12.31

OMST Parents and Athletes,

I hope that all the OMST athletes will be with us for the holiday training period as is it is such an excellent time for progression as the team is on snow for 6 days straight! The conditions on the Mountain are excellent and with the scheduled opening of the Lower Tomahawk park this week, the parks should be in great shape by the weekend.  Our coaching staff has been extremely stoked with the enthusiasm and progression from everyone thus far and are really looking forward to working with all the athletes over the holiday break.
Training, 12/26-12/31:
8am: Meet at Sitting Bull for team stretch

8:10am-11am:  Freeride, carving drills, switch riding, and park
11am-11:45pm: Lunch
11:50am: Meet in front of Sitting Bull
11:50am-1:30pm: Park
Also, some of you have inquired on whether or not the OMST t-shirts and hoodies will be in this week and due to needing a complete order (which I now believe we have- thanks Kathi!) the gear will not be in until mid-January.
Lastly, have an excellent Christmas and we hope to see everyone at training on Friday. If anyone has any questions on anything, please do not hesitate to send me an email.


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