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I hope everyone is weathering the winter storm and although we may not see as much as everyone to the south of us, the tree riding should be amazing at Okemo tomorrow. If you are in an area that has been severely impacted by the storm, please be safe.

We have the USASA Slopestyle #3 (1/31) and Halfpipe #1 (2/1) events coming up here at Okemo this weekend. I hope all of our OMST athletes are competing in slope and/or pipe as it is on our own turf and the weekend weather is looking cold by nice.  If anyone would like to receive extra training in the park and pipe, there will be Friday training with OMS from 8:30am-11:30am.  The cost is $50 for the morning and if you are interested in having your child train, please let me know.
For the athletes who will be competing, please plan on meeting OMST coaches in the upstairs of the Okemo Base Lodge @ 7:30am for registration on both days.  We will plan on getting on the lift at 8am for a warm-up run followed by a quick stretch and gear check atop the course. Please make sure that your child is equipped with weather appropriate gear (layers!) and water and snacks to help keep the body fueled and warm. I would also strongly suggest a hot wax on Friday night prior to the slope comp and a hot wax and edge sharpening on Saturday night before the pipe event on Sunday. Darkside Snowboard shop, Okemo Mountain tune shop, and the Totem Pole all provide great tuning services.
**If you have not pre-registered your son or daughter for the slope or pipe, please do so by visiting the “Events” page on the USASA website.  Pre-registration closes on Thursday at midnight.  This will ensure that your son/daughter is able to compete and will expedite the registration process each day of competition.
If you are not competing in this weekends events, please plan on meeting OMST coaches in front of the Sitting Bull at 8am and you will follow the normal schedule
8am-11am: Training
11am-11:45am: Lunch
11:45am-1:30pm: Training
Lastly, if you are planning on signing up for the OMS STG Snowboard Camp (Feb 2nd-6th), please do so asap as last call to sign up is tomoorow.


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