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OMST parents and athletes,

It’s hard to believe we are entering the last weekend of January already but I will say that after a dismal start to the season, the mountain has recovered extremely well and the snow conditions are amazing. Although many of our park athletes will be at Mount Snow for the first USASA Slopestyle events, Crazy Train and Tomahawk are open and the Halfpipe may be open by the weekend.  Coach Gabe Vastola will be home-based for the athletes who will not be competing at Mount Snow and the training schedule will be as usual, 8am-1:30pm both days.

USASA Slopestyle

For those of you who will be competing at the first USASA slopestyle events at Mount Snow this weekend, please plan on meeting the coaches in the Carinthia Base Lodge at 7:30am. Please make sure that you have registered your child for the events online. There are already close to 100 competitors registered and the cap is 120. If you have not registered online, please do so asap. To do so, please visit the following link: USASA SVT SERIES

Lastly, if there are any OMST athletes interested in Friday training, OMS will be at Mount Snow this Friday.  We will be training from 8:30am-1pm and there will be a 1/2 day training cost of $60 that should be paid to the Competition Center. If you plan on having your child train with OMS, please let me know. Transportation to Mount Snow will be for OMS enrolled athletes only as we are at full capacity with vehicles.


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