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OMST parents and athletes,

It was great to have all the athletes at Okemo for training and comps for the extended weekend and conditions at the mountain are in great shape.  All we need now is one more dump that doesn’t involve rain and we’ll be able to get in the woods! Also, some of our athletes competed over the MLK weekend and we saw some excellent effort and results in both the USASA Stratton rail jam and the USASA racing events at Bromley.
As you may have heard, the Okemo pipe opened this afternoon which is awesome news and there will be a heavy emphasis on halfpipe this weekend.  It’s going to be great to get all the kids back in the U ditch to start dialing in runs for the following weekend’s USASA pipe event. There will also be a heavy dose of park riding as the is also the following weekend.
USASA Boardercross weekend at Stratton
-The first two USASA BX events will take place this weekend at Stratton and Eddie will be holding a training session on Friday 1/23 from 8:45am-12:30pm for those interested and for the older OMST athletes (non-groms).  If you are interested please let me know. Training cost will be $50 and paid to the Comp Center and I am working on training tickets as we speak.
-For the event: Please make sure to have your child’s board tuned and waxed with temperature appropriate wax for the weekend.  If the base is in rough shape, I would also suggest a base grind as well. Secondly, please make sure to meet Eddie at Stratton at 7:30am on event days. The course looks great and I am sure that the kids will have a blast.


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