OMS Snowboarders Compete in Mammoth Mountain Rev Tour

Anna Valentine takes first in Rev Tour Halfpipe

Anna Valentine takes first in USSA Toyota Rev Tour Halfpipe at Mammoth Mountain, CA

OMS snowboarders Anna Valentine (18′) and Margie Black (20′) traveled to Mammoth Mountain, California this past week to compete in the USSA Toyota US Rev Tour halfpipe and slopestyle events. The US Rev Tour features the country’s top amateur snowboarders and freeskiers and also includes riders from around the world.

Mammoth sized snow banks

Mammoth sized snow banks

Margie_mammoth pipe

Margie Black with a nice frontside air during pipe practice

Upon arrival, California started to receive another gigantic snowstorm which resulted in a LONG drive to Mammoth on an alternative route through the Sierra desert. We made it safely and the snowstorm continued to drop 6 feet of snow throughout the week!  Needless to say, training slope and pipe was impossible and we improvised with a mix of hand built jumps and quarterpipes for the girls to session. The girls had a blast and towards the end of the week, conditions improved and the mountain opened up and they were able to ride some amazing powder prior to their events. On Saturday; after a delay the Superpipe went on as scheduled (due to all the snow) and the girls were able to compete. Margie Black competed in her first Rev Tour event and placed 19th with a solid and consistent run and

Anna Valentine took the win with insane style, large airs, and spins. This was her first Rev Tour win and a big congrats to Anna! The slopestyle event kicked off on Sunday and the Mammoth Unbound crew did an excellent job constructing a innovative course consisting of long rails, transitions, and large jumps. Margie Black placed 21st in her first Rev Tour slope and Anna Valentine finished 10th place. Props to both girls for their valiant efforts over the weekend!

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