Important Information / Action Required – Proxies and Annual Meeting


Over the coming days, please check your mailbox for an important mailing from OMARA.  The mailing includes materials that require a response from all 2014-2015 OMARA members – regardless of your current status with the program. 

For the past several months, OMARA’s Board of Directors has been working with outside counsel to complete a much-needed update of the entity’s governing documents.  

 However, your personal involvement is critical, because our current  governing documents require a 2/3 vote by all 2014-2015 OMARA members in support of the new documents. 

Copies of the Annual Meeting Notice, proposed new  By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation are enclosed in the mailing.  Please contact me, our secretary Lisa Sherman, or any other board member, to discuss any questions you may have.  We will also schedule a conference call for anyone interested in discussing the importance of these changes. The updates will streamline and modernize our rules,  improve governance and promote flexibility to address the needs of our members. 

Whether or not you plan to attend the Feb 14th Annual Meeting at Willie Dunn’s please complete and return the Proxy in the self addressed, postage-paid envelope that is included with the mailing. 

Our collection of proxies will ensure that we have a quorum at the meeting, enabling us to proceed with the vote.  If you decide to attend, we can easily return your proxy at time of check-in if you desire to cast your own ballot. If you cannot attend but wish to cast your own vote in lieu of a proxy, please contact me at the number listed, below, or Lisa Sherman at 508-255-2133, ext. 247.


On behalf of OMARA,


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Bill Hauser

Bill Hauser, President .  Lisa Sherman, Secretary . Karyn Calcano, Treasurer
Veronica Bonnet . Julia Burton . Peter Cornish . Ed Kelleher . Allison Laurion . Laura Lovejoy


OMARA is pleased to celebrate more than twenty years of service to the athletes, families and coaches of Okemo Snow Sport Competition Programs.  Please visit

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