Hopefuls Saturday 1/18

We had quite a good crew of athletes who braved the elements on Saturday morning before the big rain came. The skiing was really pretty great and we all finished the morning with smiles on our faces. This coming Saturday, 1/18, is our second race of the season. The kids have been working hard and practicing starts and tucks, among other things. We’ll meet in front of the Sugar House at 9 am, head over to the NASTAR arena to inspect the courses, we’ll plan to start the race at 9:45 and we should be finished by 11 am. Most parents pick up the kids at the bottom of the race course for lunch, if you would like us to bring your child back to the Sugar House after the race please let their coaches know.

We’ll re-group again in front of the Sugar House at noon, ski until 2 pm and then have awards in front of the Sugar House. Thanks for letting us enjoy skiing with your children! See you next Saturday.


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