Hopefuls Program start date postponed to 12/19

We’ve got some challenging weather this week and due to the limited terrain we’ve decided it’s best to postpone the start of the program until Saturday, 12/19. Make up date is TBD but I’ll let you know soon. We will still do screenings on 12/12 and 12/13.

The training schedule for the holiday week is Saturday 12/26, Tuesday 12/29, Thursday 12/31 and Saturday 1/2. We always meet in front of the Sugar House at 9 am, return at 11 am, then re-group at noon and ski until 2 pm. Please dress your children for cold temps, its always better to have an extra layer than to be too cold. Also, a stop in the bathroom before our session is always appreciated.

On the 19th we’ll be establishing teams for the season, if your child would like to ski with a particular coach or friend please let us know so we can accommodate the requests. You can email me at ptrainer@tds.net

Have a great week and we look forward to skiing with your children this winter.







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