Devo PG Update !

What a fun group !
Be it the steeps, wooded glades or icy flats, they’ve proved their willingness to give most all of it a go.  We’ve tested them with some challenging drills — and early results are apparent.
At this juncture, most all of our participants has developed a target list of personal strengths and areas for improvement.  They’re working hard and again, we believe that’s bringing about considerable improvement.  Hands, balance, athletic stance — those have been primary themes during our early weeks.
Over the past two sessions, we’ve ventured into the venerable (?) …. terrain park.  No, we’re not planning on guiding them through X-Games like death-defying aerials.  However, the park does offer a great opportunity to loosen up their stance, test their balance and indeed, gain some comfort with weight transfer.     Even the most timid took on the challenges (of some of the smaller rollers) with a thrill.   And no worries, as my one son told me, “Dad I never get hurt while launching 60 feet in the air ….. then again, he failed to mention that there’s always the landing.”   Seriously, all is under control, and for each of our PG’rs we’re testing the boundaries appropriately, with the end objective of building stronger and more confident skiers.
Lastly, we’ll be holding the OMARA Annual Meeting and Social on Saturday eve, 7.30 -9.30 at Sitting Bull.  Preregistration is strongly encouraged (and maybe as of tomorrow required) as we’re approaching capacity at Sitting Bull.    I’ve made certain that most all of you are on the OMARA general distribution list.  (You should have received a reminder invite on Wednesday late day.)   If you haven’t received it, please drop me a note, or use this link to register.
Looking forward to meeting up with some of you personally on Saturday eve.  (I’ll leave it to our social committee to bring the PG parents together on Saturday eve — and who knows, maybe on a Saturday morning while the kids are out skiing with us.)
BH –
The Saturday morning line-up  …. 
And here’s some edge sets on the “daunting headwall” of Expedition.  Good execution might  get you plenty of Lift Hype (aka positive cheers from the overhead onlookers) … 
Devo PG on Exhibition - Edge Sets.

Devo PG on Exhibition – Edge Sets.

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