Devo PG, 2/14-2/21; Get ready for some great snow !


Quick update and …. in honor of school vacation week, a homework assignment.

* Weekend and Holiday Week Plans

Contrary to our desire and interest, most of us will not be headed to Whistler, BC.  (Ciarra, enjoy Cows ice cream and the Mongolian grill, but above all enjoy the chutes off Chainsaw Ridge at Blackcomb.)

For those of us remaining loyal to New England, no worries.  We truly have some of the best snow available.   Yes, this weekend will be cold —  really cold —  but all good, we’ll adjust as needed.

Saturday, 2/14; Monday, 2/16 and Thursday, 2/19 meet at 8.30 top of the A/B (yes, at Okemo).

And for Saturday 2/21, see below.

Also, for this Saturday, we’ll be participating in OMARA’s Operation Thank You.  (For those of you who’ve already signed up to participate thanks.  Plenty more folks can assist with baked cookies.  ) 


* Mt. Sunapee

We are currently targeting Saturday 2/21, however, do need some additional responses.   (We would prefer to avoid extending to 2/28.)     As of now we are showing the following;

Yes     Nixdorf, Shanley, Decker, Rowland, Castor, Cortina, Brew, Basset (2), Minuit

Maybe    Murphy, DeLuca

Potential drivers or chaperones    Shanley, Rowland, Minuit 

–   If you’ve not yet responded, or if I have you listed incorrectly, please send me a note with availability for Sat 2/21

* Homework

During the first two weeks of February, 700 athletes from 70 countries have gathered for a skiing spectacle second only to the Winter Olympics.  For only the fourth time, the World Championships is being held in the US.  The event offers a great opportunity to watch some outstanding athletes in action.  

Please have your son/daughter watch the following video and come up with short answers to these questions;

– What movements and concepts that we’ve discussed come evident in watching Lindsey Vonn’s GS run ?

– What impresses you most about Lindsey’s technique ?

– If you were  Lindsey’s coach, what advice might you offer in preparation for the second run?

If you have a chance, feel free to tune in (online or via TV) for some other great skiing. For more general info;

Mike and I will see you on the slopes, dressed snug and warm ….

Bill – 

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