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Below is a brief FAQ about OMARA.  Please also view the links to the right of this page for information on upcoming social events, important member announcements, and more.

What is OMARA?

OMARA is a non-profit booster club that was founded to support the athletes, families, and coaches of Okemo Competition Programs and Okemo Mountain School, as well as lend administrative, logistical and financial support to the programs themselves. We raise money through annual member dues, fundraisers and socials, individual donations, and ad space.

What is the difference between OMARA, Okemo Mountain Competition Programs, and Okemo Mountain School?

A great question that is often asked… All three entities are very closely related, function together, and not a single one could exist successfully without the other two. But here are the specific definitions of each:

  • OMARA is the booster club supporting, but neither in charge of nor administrating, Okemo Competition Programs and Okemo Mountain School.
  • Okemo Competition Programs — a department within Okemo Mountain Resort — administrates, runs, and coaches the Alpine Racing, Freestyle, and Snowboard programs for weekend athletes. This entity is also responsible for running all races and competitions at Okemo Mountain.
  • Okemo Mountain School is an accredited Vermont Independent School for racers, freestylers, and snowboarders who wish to pursue a serious career in their respective discipline while simultaneously maintaining focus on a high school education. OMS is fed directly by the athletes from Okemo Competition Programs as well as other programs around the world. OMS coaches work closely with Okemo Competition Programs coaches to ensure a consistent and unified progression in every sport.

What kind of support does OMARA provide?

  • OMARA currently offers athletic awards, scholarships and financial aid to athletes.
  • OMARA purchases  administrative and training equipment that may fall outside of the budget Okemo Mountain provides for the competition programs.
  • OMARA funds coaches to attend professional development clinics.
  • OMARA plans and hosts Okemo Competition Programs/Okemo Mountain School community social and fund raising events.
  • OMARA members receive 10-20% discounts at all participating Ludlow Businesses.
  • OMARA funds and administrates this website in an effort to provide easily accessible information to all of our current and prospective members.

Why is it required that I join OMARA in order to participate in any competitive programs?

We believe that in some way or other, every athlete and family in the Okemo Competition and Okemo Mountain School Programs benefits from the services we provide.  Because member dues are a major part of our annual funding, we ask that every member of the community make this contribution.

Are there other ways that my family and I can support OMARA?

There are three sure-fire ways that you can support OMARA and help us continue to grow one of the largest and most successful snowsport competition programs in the country:

  • Financially, through member dues, donations, and attending our fundraising events.
  • VOLUNTEER! Our many races and competitions held at Okemo throughout the year would not be possible — even despite the staffing and outstanding support provided by Okemo Mountain — without parent volunteers. You are the lifeblood of a successful event — to volunteer for events, please contact Kim Nania at  or visit Competition Events Volunteer Registration.
  • Be involved. Meet your fellow teammates’ families, come to gatherings, show up at the races and comps and cheer for all the Okemo kids… promote the programs to friends outside of Okemo, wear an OMARA hat, and be proud of our athletes!

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