U18 Weekend Athlete Plan – Feb 8 and Feb 9

Hi U18 Weekend Athletes,  Weekends activities are as follows…
Sat. February 8– Meet at the gatebin @ 8:15 to train Giant Slalom in the morning on Wardance with the U16s.  Afternoon will be either gates or free-ski TBD
Sun. February 9– Meet at the gatebin @ 8:15 to train TBD discipline in the morning on TBD trail. (Note that we are trying to get upper Chief for GS training but if we are unsuccessful then we will develop an alternate plan – hence the “TBD”).  Either way plan on a long morning session then take a short break and free-ski a few runs thereafter with the intent to be done by 1:30.

Tanis (mobile 617-866-8475) and Ric ([email protected])



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